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Can Glass Railings Increase the Value of Your Sydney Home?

Consider all of the valuable items you own for a moment. Done?
What was the first thing that came to mind?
We’re guessing it was your house.

People are constantly looking for new ways to increase the value of their most valuable asset. A higher-priced home in Sydney means a higher resale value, more opportunities for home equity loans, and an overall increase in net worth.

The ongoing interest in increasing home values has resulted in a plethora of techniques that work to improve various aspects of a home.

Commercial Glass-Balustrade-Stairs-sydney
Glass Balustrade stairs

The usual suspects are present: kerb appeal, kitchen remodeling, a new roof, and so on, but these only bring your home up to par with the rest of the population. These points will be repeated by every real estate agent or property appraiser you speak with.

Thinking outside the box is required to significantly increase home values. Homeowners must abandon the old adage of form vs. function.

Why Have One When You Can Have Both?

Aesthetics that combine form and function are the best way to increase the value of your home in a distinctive way.

Glass happens to be a perfect fit for this demographic.
Glass railings, in particular, combine style and functionality.

Property values will skyrocket if your home is both functional and beautiful.

View from the Glass Railings

When purchasing a home, people place a high value on the surrounding environment.
Plant flowers and beautify your property to increase home values, according to common sense.

But what good is a beautiful yard if it is obstructed by man-made structures?

Railings are, at best, ignored, and at worst, they obstruct breathtaking views.
It’s not every day that someone comes to your house and compliments you on the beautiful hand rails you recently installed. Guests are likely to be perplexed as to why such unsightly railings were chosen.

The Goal Of Glass Railings Is To Change That Negative Stereotype.

Glass handrails take their beauty from the world around them. They look great in front of already appealing homes.

Because glass is transparent, man-made structures do not obscure nature. Glass railings can benefit homes surrounded by flowers, water, or even just a well-kept yard.

Because of their ability to highlight nature, glass railings are an excellent way to increase both the aesthetic and monetary value of your home.

Glass Railings Are Both Safe And Beautiful.

Glass railings combine the best features of traditional railings with a classy appearance that highlights stairs rather than hinders them.

There’s no denying that glass gives homes a streamlined, modern appearance. It defines without being obtrusive and stands out just enough to remind people that the small details matter.

Most people are unaware that glass can also improve safety.

Tempered glass is used to create glass railings.
Tempered glass is simply a synonym for strengthened glass.
It is the same glass that is used on car windows.

Tempered glass is appropriate for homes that are both visually appealing and dangerous.
Glass railings can be used in homes near bodies of water to protect children from drowning while also preserving the waterside view.

Similarly, homes built on cliffs or mountainsides will benefit from the glasses’ transparency for sightseeing and durability for safety.

The glass railings are unique in that they do not compromise safety for aesthetics. People are always willing to pay a premium for appealing utility.

Convenience Reigns Supreme

Tempered glass, which makes glass railings so safe, also makes them extremely durable.

Consider breaking a car window. Even after bouncing off rocks at speeds in excess of 60 mph, car windows do not break. They only crack at best.

Even if tempered glass does break, it is safer than regular glass because it breaks into small pieces rather than dangerously sharp shards that could seriously injure someone.

Glass Railings Benefit From This Durability

A railing’s primary function is to prevent people from falling down your stairs and to serve as a handrail.
Tempered glass performs admirably in both of these applications.

The glass withstands repeated human contact with the railing very well. The promise of long-lasting components can only add to the value of your home.

Because glass is easy to clean, glass railings shine as well. A wet rag and an hour of your time will have your railing looking as good as new.

People prefer to imagine their new home as a luxurious retreat. The ability to maintain their railings easily will endear them to the home and increase its value.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Glass railings are an excellent addition to any home in Sydney. So far, we’ve identified specific instances where railings thrive. However, this does not preclude a glass railing from functioning under the most basic of conditions.

The railings are ideal for mundane areas such as a standard outdoor patio. Because the glass does not have the gaps that traditional railings do, it is ideal for keeping children and pets inside an enclosed area.

Traditional stairwells work well with glass as well. Installing a glass railing on your indoor staircase will give your home a modern feel. Nothing beats the simple yet sophisticated charm of using glass to decorate the interior of your home.

Contact us if you want to increase the value of your home with glass railings or if you’re curious about the potential uses of glasses in your home.

Glass Balustrades 2022

Glass Balustrade Options to Hide Unappealing Edges on Floating Decks

Floating, waterproof decks are a popular modern product for new construction or renovations, and their introduction continues to challenge designers and product suppliers in finding ways to incorporate them into the design. Unexpected challenges can arise with new products, and one such design dilemma for floating decks was the exposure of deck edge details through glass balustrade infills.


Solution 1: Alumina Slates

On a recent installation, one of Glass Balustrade Authority’s most experienced balustrade installers collaborated with the project architect to create a unique facade to conceal the deck details.
They custom made the hidden detailing out of a 123mm x 17mm aluminium slat, fitting it into the balustrade post before installing the glass infill for a completely integrated finish. The slats were powder coated in the same colour as the balustrade fixtures, blending in and continuing the clean lines of the floating deck.

2nd Solution – Frosted Glass

This recent major home renovation design featured a floating deck with exposed edges visible through the glass balustrade. For the ultimate sleek and minimalist finish, the balustrade installer drew on their previous experience with this issue and requested the addition of a 200mm frosted strip at the bottom edge of the glass panel. The balustrade finishing details were important to architectural designers because they are the first thing you see when approaching the home.

He improved the finished design even further by specifying an appliance white powder coat finish to match the home’s weatherboards.

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Glass Balustrades 2022

How Glass Balustrades Are Changing Commercial Buildings Around Sydney

Exposure to natural light makes people happier and more productive, which is why so many Sydney businesses are using commercial glass balustrades as an important part of their interior design.

Well-being-focused businesses like shopping malls, gyms, health spas, and hotels are using frameless glass balustrades to improve the flow of the building, make it feel more open, and bathe their employees and customers in healthy natural light.

A clear case for health and safety with glass balustrades

University of Sydney School of Medicine, one of the best medical schools for research in the Australia, did a study in 2021 that confirmed that more exposure to natural light not only makes employees more productive, but also has a big positive effect on how well they sleep, how much they exercise, and their mental health.

Frameless glass balustrades are a good way to keep things safe and secure while letting in a lot of natural light, which we now know has so many benefits. Office buildings, stores, and places for health and fitness like gyms and spas can all benefit from the light and open feeling that frameless glass balustrades give.

Our beautiful frameless glass balustrades are just as safe and secure as other materials, but they also let in more natural light, which is great for both employees and customers, and for businesses.

Check out our frameless glass balustrade gallery to see some of the glass balustrades we’ve made and installed for our customers.

Frameless glass balustrades can help you balance beauty and budget.

Balustrades combine the beauty of a frameless glass with the low cost and high corrosion resistance of a framed balustrade. This makes them a great choice for large-scale outdoor projects like restaurant decking areas, coastal and swimming facilities, and adventure and leisure venues.

Our frameless mini post glass balustrades come in widths from 12mm to 17.5mm and are made of toughened and laminated glass. They are a versatile solution for decks, balconies, stairs, and outdoor leisure areas, letting in the most light and giving you the best view while meeting Health and Safety requirements.

Take a look at our gallery of bespoke frameless glass balustrades we’ve made for our customers.

Glass balustrades are attractive, durable, and last for a long time.

Glass is becoming more and more popular as a building material, and for good reason. Toughened and laminated glass is strong, lasts a long time, and looks good. It has a lot of benefits and usually lasts for many years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

With more proof than ever that natural light has real benefits, the case for opening up your commercial space with frameless glass balustrades is clear. Take a look at our range of stainless steel glass balustrade systems today, browse our gallery, or talk to one of our expert team members about your individual needs.

Glass Balustrade Authority is one of the most well-known companies that sells custom glass balustrade systems in Sydney. Every day, we meet a wide range of unique needs. We’re happy to talk to architects, specifiers, and individual home and business owners, so our design and project teams can help you no matter how big or small your project is.

If you are interested in a luxurious upgrade for Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, Schools, Airports, contact us today for a free estimate! (02) 8076 7495.

Glass Balustrades 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Frameless Glass Balustrades in Your Home

Using frameless glass balustrades in your interior design is a bright and daring way to achieve these two goals. Glass Balustrade Authority demonstrates how using frameless glass in interior design can help you make the most of your space.

Frameless Glass Balustrades Will Brighten Your Home

Frameless glass balustrades can bring natural light into your home’s small rooms, corridors, and hallways.
There is always one room in the house that is dimly lit; with infinity glass, you can bring that room into the light. Brighter rooms can appear larger and more spacious, and natural light can bring out the best in even the darkest of colours. The use of frameless glass allows you to highlight the best features of your home.


Make Your Everyday Count

Why not consider frameless glass for a stairway or mezzanine level railing or wall? You’ll be making a standard part of the house into a focal point. Consider a frameless glass wall from your mezzanine that allows you to gaze out onto your open-plan living room, or a glass-encased stairway instead of an obstructed view. The frameless glass takes the ordinary and transforms it into a fun new statement that opens up your home.

Remove All Practical Design Restraints

Interior design is frequently constrained by practical constraints. Because you need a door, you may have to sacrifice some light in an interior room. You may even be disappointed that the colour scheme you select for your home appears darker than expected. Frameless glass provides a fun way around certain design constraints, allowing you to keep the light levels, access routes, and colour palette you intended from the start.

Make Your House Look Larger

By opening up your home with infinity walls, you can naturally make it appear larger. By removing the physical impediment of walls, you open up your home and create more space in a room.
Light also creates the illusion of space by itself. The two work together to make your home appear more open and spacious.

Heating and Cooling

Glass has excellent heat retention properties, retaining the available heat in a room. It also has the opposite advantage of providing excellent ventilation. A glass infinity railing over a full wall is an example of this, as it can encourage air circulation in the home, providing fresher, more breathable air.

Frameless glass looks great and provides a home with space, light, and even ventilation. If you’re having trouble getting around a particular interior design stumbling block, such as a doorway or light access, it also offers a solution.

Do You Want To Use Frameless Glass In Your Home?

Glass Balustrade Authority can assist you in incorporating an frameless glass balustrades into your design plans. Contact us today for a free estimate! (02) 8076 7495.

Glass Balustrades 2022

How Much Does The Installation Of A Glass Balcony Cost In 2022?

After a year spent cooped up inside our homes, it is not surprising that balconies will be a popular building project in 2022. But how much does the installation of a glass balcony cost?

Balcony glass balustrade fitting

The installation of a glass balcony in Sydney is by no means an inexpensive undertaking. However, a balcony has many advantages as an investment. It can increase the size of a room and increase the amount of light in a home. You can also use it to unwind in the open air, dine alfresco, cultivate plants, appreciate nature, and hang laundry.

When you install a glass balcony, the value of your home will increase by an average of 5-10 percent!
This is explained in our article.

The construction of a glass balcony can be a difficult undertaking. Consider the current structure and how well it can support the new installation, as well as the installation’s design, materials, and any necessary planning permissions. This can add up when having a professional install a glass balcony.

What is the cost of glass balcony installation in 2022? Here are the costs associated with each type of balcony.

Glass Balconies

Juliet glass balconies are extremely space-efficient and can be installed without requiring structural alterations to the building. These balconies are available in a variety of designs, allowing you to choose one that complements the aesthetic of your home.

Typically, these balconies lack a floor that can be used to step or walk out. If your home has French doors or large windows and you need to install a balcony for safety, this is a fantastic option.

How Much Does The Installation Of A Glass Balcony Cost?

A glass balcony will likely cost between $1900 and $6900, depending on factors such as the size of the balcony, its design, the materials used, and the property’s location.

Depending on the Sydney property, these structures may be made of elegant and traditional steel or sleek, frameless glass. Glass balconies are a slightly more modern option and, as the balcony is made of glass, will cost between $1500 and $5,000 more than steel railing balconies.

As glass balconies necessitate no major structural modification, you are likely to encounter minimal resistance or limitations during installation. Typically, their construction is significantly less expensive than that of standard balconies. This is due to the fact that they will not necessitate planning permission or complex structural modifications to a property, as would be required when constructing an extended platform.

Numerous individuals select a Juliet as a less expensive option. Typically, they cost more than $1600, which is negligible compared to the average cost of a walk-out balcony, which ranges from $4000 to $7000.

Due to their simplicity as structures, they are also very easy to maintain and repair, making them an excellent property investment.

What Elements Affect The Cost Of Constructing A Glass Balcony?

Glass balconies can vary significantly in price.
Let’s take a look at the various variables that can impact the price, so you know what to keep an eye out for if you’re just beginning your search.


Installation of a glass balcony that spans a large expanse of windows or doors will be more expensive due to rising supply and labour costs. The installation will be more expensive the larger the glass balcony.

Glass balconies are constructed to accommodate french doors or larger, longer windows and serve as safety barriers around these openings. If this requires the installation of new windows or doors along the balcony, there will be an additional cost.


Glass balconies are available in a variety of styles, including the traditional steel posts or a chic glass Juliet balcony. Even with glass, a variety of design options are available.

You should select a Juliet balcony design that complements the architectural style of your home and the desired aesthetic.

Increasing complexity and intricate designs result in an increase in materials, which results in a price increase. If your glass balcony design is intricate, installation may take longer and cost more, so it is essential to confirm this with your preferred builders.

Not only balconies, but the size and complexity of every structure will have a significant impact on the final cost of installation.

In lieu of a glass balcony, you may choose a small walk-out area if you have a larger home and more outdoor space to utilise. Many balconies provide enough space for you to set up a small outdoor seating area for all of your outdoor dining needs. You may even be able to create a small container garden on the balcony.

It makes sense that a larger balcony would be more expensive. You want to ensure that the work is completed properly and is structurally sound.

To ensure everything is safe and up to code, it may be necessary to conduct a structural survey.
The price of a standard balcony ranges between $10000 and $15000. With any balcony that includes a stepping platform, you must also obtain planning permission to ensure that your neighbours and the surrounding area do not experience privacy or sunlight issues. For this, there will be additional expenses to consider.

Pricing Your Glass Balcony

It can be difficult to provide a price list for each glass installation because we perform so many distinct types. However, we do provide a comprehensive price list so that you can get an idea of what to expect to pay. Click here to download it and bring your balcony design one step closer to fruition. contact us today for a free estimate! (02) 8076 7495.

Glass Balustrades 2022

The Best Type Of Balustrade To Use For Direct Water Views In Sydney

Using frameless glass balustrades, we have assisted a variety of Sydney clients in capturing an unobstructed and epic view.

Those with water or city views are required to have frameless glass balustrade. Glass balustrades also work well for internal stairways because they provide a more contemporary appearance.

Whether you install them as a stunning feature inside your home or outside as a decorative feature, our glass balustrades systems that we create are designed to give you the best possible performance.

This week on the blog, we are going to take a look at the best balustrade system that can be utilised around water, whether it be for increased safety near pools, ponds, and other water features, or in coastal areas.

Extra sturdiness, for a glass balustrade that will stand the test of time

We highly recommend installing one of our stylish frameless glass balustrade systems in seaside homes. These systems have all the style of a frameless balustrade but with the added durability that seaside homes require.

The superior 2205 grade duplex steel is used in the production of the mini post brackets that are used in these attractive frameless glass balustrade systems. These brackets are manufactured with the extra resilience of the product in mind.

Because of its exceptional resistance to corrosion, superb performance, and lasting strength in marine and high chloride environments, stainless steel grade 2205 is the material of choice for the fabrication of balustrades, which are an excellent long-term investment due to their high level of durability.

Although the brushed satin polish finish on our stainless steel mini post balustrade systems is available, Glass Balustrade Authority strongly advises opting for the mirror polished finish for the best possible and most long-lasting results in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Glass Balustrades Provide Both Shelter And A Sense Of Security

Our frameless glass balustrades offer an efficient barrier against the blustery coastal winds, enabling you to take advantage of the deck or patio space on your seaside property even on days when the temperature is lower.

In a similar vein, if rain and salt residue cause certain areas of your outdoor space to become dangerously slick, our bespoke balustrades can be modified to include an attractive stainless steel rail to provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

If you install a balustrade made of stainless steel in your outdoor space, you might find that an area of your garden or deck that was once ignored is transformed into a shady, child- and pet-friendly spot that the whole family can enjoy when the weather is nice.

Premium Pool-side Privacy From Glass Balustrades

If you would like additional privacy in the areas around your pool, any of our glass and stainless steel balustrades can be modified to include bespoke glazing. This gives you the option to personalise your balustrades however you see fit.

Our frosted, etched, and coloured glass can be used to create an attractive screen between you and your neighbours. This screen allows for high levels of light transmission while also providing some degree of seclusion, which allows you to enjoy your space without worrying about being watched by other people.

Best glass balustrades to suit your exact requirements

At Glass Balustrade Authority, we understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution. Our bespoke balustrade solutions are designed to suit you: your property, your unique requirements, and your budget.

Our team of design and planning professionals can walk you through the available options and help you devise a mini post balustrade solution that is tailored to your outdoor area.

Contact us if you want to increase the value of your home with glass balustrades or if you’re curious about the potential uses of glasses in your home. Contact us today for a free estimate! (02) 8076 7495.

Glass Balustrades 2022

Renovation Ideas for Glass Balustrades

Is it time to replace those worn-out balustrades?
Are the peeling paint, corroded railings, and unsettling “wobble” indicating anything?

glass balustrades sydney

We understand that the prospect of sanding, filling, and repainting can be as unpleasant as putting up with your shabby balustrades. But there’s another, simpler option: replace your worn-out balustrades with new glass balustrading. You’ll be free of maintenance and the annoyance that comes with looking at your balustrades. Even better, you’ll give your property new life by making it look modern, clean, and bright.

True, there are numerous balustrade renovation ideas available. Glass balustrade renovations, on the other hand, win hands down. This is why:

Simple and convenient

Replacing existing railings with a glass balustrade is a less difficult task than you might think.
Your local reputable builder can complete the job in as little as a day, depending on the size of your balustrade. Our website has everything they need, from technical specifications and drawings to step-by-step installation videos. Don’t know which builder to use?

We have a network of registered installers; contact us and we’ll let you know if one is close to your project.

Secure and safe

Yes, you read that correctly. Glass balustrading is extremely secure. This is due to the fact that they are made of toughened glass and meet Australian Safety Standards, making them strong and secure.
Furthermore, because there is no large space between the railings and no opportunity for improvised “footholds,” children and pets are kept safe. Fit glass balustrades and you’re unlikely to see toys or valuables fleeing from your mezzanine or glass balcony.

Simple to keep up

Do you enjoy sanding and repainting? No, neither do we. That’s why glass balustrades are so appealing if you’d rather enjoy your home instead of constantly maintaining it. So many renovations look great for a year or two and then require maintenance to keep them looking great. But not if your balustrade has been replaced with glass. Our glass balustrades come with a 10-year warranty that covers the paint finish as well as structural integrity, even in harsh coastal environments. Furthermore, if they become dirty, a quick wipe will restore their luster.

Choose glass panels coated with BalcoNano®, and the self-cleaning coating will make glass cleaning even faster.

Maintain appearances

If you want to add a touch of “wow,” glass balustrades are the way to go. They can completely transform the look of your home by being modern, sophisticated, and slick. Our balustrades can be used both inside and outside, giving you the opportunity to upgrade and modernise your home for a look that will make your neighbours green with envy.

Renovating balustrades in Sydney as part of a larger project that you intend to sell? Then you’ll understand that glass balustrades add a touch of class that prospective buyers appreciate.

Allow the light in.

Natural light is one of nature’s most precious gifts. So why close it off with thick brick walls or blocky wooden balustrades? Replace light-blocking balustrades with glass panels to let in more light.
Glass panels are especially effective if you live in an area where natural light is scarce.

Unleash your home’s potential and create a healthier living and working environment for the entire family to enjoy.

A variety of options

Finally, including glass in your list of balustrade renovation ideas broadens your options. You can not only choose between handrails or go without them entirely, but you can also choose almost any configuration to suit your home. Do you want a straight glass balustrade that is also extremely compact?
No worries. Do you require a sweeping curved balustrade to complement the curves of your property?
We can assist you. Our website contains all of the information about our ready-to-install balustrade options.

If you require something more specific, please contact our friendly customer service team, who will be able to assist you with a more personalised design. Contact us today for a free estimate! (02) 8076 7495.