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Finest Frameless Glass Balustrade Sydney

Our glass balustrade Sydney solutions are a popular method to ensure and boost the visual appeal of your balcony, deck, patio or veranda while offering uninterrupted views and improving the natural flow of light.

We’re seasoned and specializing in the area of carpentry, metalwork engineering, especially balustrades, handrails, swimming pool fences, bollards, fencing, gates and stairways.

Commercial 60%
Residential 90%
Strata 80%

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Leading Installers of Frameless Glass Systems

We have developed the trust of customers from different sectors, including building and construction businesses, architects, commercial property developers, renovators, and homeowners in Sydney.

Residential Renovations

Enhance your home's sleek aesthetic, with our cutting edge frameless glass balustrade systems throughout your entire house renovation.
Strata & Real Estate Balustrades

Commercial Projects

Easy to clean and maintain; Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, updating the look and feel of your business is a worthwhile investment.

Strata & Real Estate

The Balustrade Authority is the preferred partner of strata companies across Sydney, ensuring all glass balustrades and stainless steel handrails comply with Australian Standards.

Available 6 Days a Week

Our balustrade installers are available 6 days a week, including holidays, for repair and maintenance of your home or business premises.


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    Client Testimonials

    See what our previous customers say about us and their new balustrades, and also you can see some of our most recent feedback below.

    Portia Sarah of The Hills District NSW

    Sydney (Chester Hill),New South Wales

    They showed up on time, really fast. Really Great!
    Called them on Friday afternoon only asking for a quote for my Chester Hill house, beat another competitor who was offering a lower quality on cost/price that day, and installed the pool fencing . Looks great, works excellent, fast simple setup that is friendly. Thank you for keeping my grand children safe!


    Lallie Kristin of Gymea Bay

    Gymea Bay, Sutherland Shire, New South Wales

    My name is Lallie, I had a glass balustrade that needed to be cut and made I talk to them came over and measured and did a great job everything was done when they said it was going to be done very impressed with the company will use them again for my next glass job that I need thank you.

    Delbert Jordan from Sylvania Waters NSW

    Sylvania Waters NSW

    I had a great experience with Balustrade Sydney Authority. I’m very satisfied with their customer service and price. I first reached out to them in December 2018 and had my fence installed by the January 2019!  I’d highly recommend them  to anyone in the market for frameless glass fencing for their pool or patio.

    Eryn Mahalia of Sydney

    Sydney (CBD),New South Wales

    Our new house in the Eastern Suburbs of  Sydney inhabits a hillside setting with commanding views over the Sydney Harbour. The layout planned to maximise these panoramic views with matching railings and glass balustrade balcony and the master bedroom leading from the lounge and a balcony system that is first class was of prime significance to the aesthetics of the building.

    The words ‘amazing’ and ‘adore your balcony’ are frequently used. It is loved by us and in our head, the baluster represents excellent value over and above any other system. Thank you again.

    Greyson Taylor of Baulkham Hills NSW

    Sydney (Baulkham Hills),New South Wales

    They were really simple to speak with during the estimating procedure. They showed up on time for the approximation appointment in Baulkham Hills.

    I ‘d three estimates for my pool fence, they were just $10 more in relation to the lowest bidder but I favored their fencing product over the competition.

    The Sydney Balustrade Authority definitely recommended by us to anyone contemplating a pool fence. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER CARE!

    The fence looks amazing, and very best of all I ‘ve peace of mind knowing my little toddler will probably not be dangerous in the backyard with us. We adore it.

    Lavone Jillian of Manly

    Sydney (Manly),New South Wales

    Following my recent decision to considerably expand the size of my property in Sydney (Manly), I ‘d wanted to add 2 new Glass / Stainless Steel balconies to my property.

    After consultation with all the producers, The Balustrade Authority of  Sydney, I asked for a quote to install these balustrade / balconies.

    From first contact to delivery, they were a joy to work with. From consultation and initial design as the depth of the balcony grew from first discussions to making minor changes, the guys went out of their way to make certain the exacting standards were matched for our job. 5* service.

    Mack Trevor of Chatswood

    Sydney (Chatswood),New South Wales

    We could have purchased a marginally more economical one yet the balustrade we needed for our decks & pergolas wouldn’t have been the same. With this glass balcony system we get compliments constantly from passers by, it seems amazing, what our home in Chatswood looks like now, thanks guys

    Louise Karyn of Liverpool, NSW 2170

    Liverpool, NSW 2170

    I left a msg. one Sunday morning and he texted me back in 5 min. with a quotation for our driving school liverpool office

    The glass fence and the gate look excellent, work flawlessly and we believe the pool area is protected as well as the children are safe. He also provided his guidance in my Liverpool, NSW office , I can not imagine not having this fence. Great work!

    We're Hiring Experienced Glass Balustrade Installers Now!

    Call (02) 8076 7495 or apply online today!


    Frameless Glass Balustrade Installers

    Glass balustrades are becoming more popular, and they are an excellent choice for business buildings, new modern homes, and home renovations. They not only add value to your property, but they also give it a modern style that has become synonymous with luxury, high-end residences throughout Sydney.

    Additionally, employing frameless glass balustrades in your house gives the sense of more space and allows you to enjoy breathtaking vistas without sacrificing security or safety. We all know that space is limited in Sydney, so this one addition can make a major impact if you plan to sell in the future or simply want to relax on your balcony and enjoy the views. We provide a variety of systems that may be customised to meet any design and are suitable for both internal and outdoor applications.

    glass balustrade installers


    Glass Balcony Balustrade Professionals in Sydney NSW

    Our firm can provide you with glass balcony balustrade for your property. Our glass items are meant to accentuate the open views of your yard and surrounding area while also being tall enough to prevent anyone from jumping over or falling from the balcony, particularly children who may be tempted to climb on top while playing.


    Glass Railing Fitters

    For those who want a frameless glass railing fitters, our balustrades combine the simple elegance of glass with the majestic finish of stainless-steel supports and glass fence panels. The glass balcony post might alternatively be made of wood rather than metal, giving it a more rustic and natural appearance.


    Glass Balustrade

    A glass balustrade design for your house can be a tough job, and even more so when it’s your own house. If you are designing your own home, there’s one detail you shouldn’t miss, a balustrade. A balustrade is composed of architectural posts that hold up the railings of a staircase. While a balustrade isn’t always necessary, it provides your staircase with more support, thus decreasing the amount of risk and injuries resulting from a wobbly or loose staircase. Aside from staircases, balustrades can be found on balconies and porches .


    How To Choose A Glass Balustrade

    1. Do Your Research

    To ensure you select the correct size, type and quality of glass panels and stainless steel fittings, do your research and consult with the client. Make sure that appropriate permissions, permits and licences have been sought so that the installation of the glass balustrade is not compromised. Patience and care is required so that the glass balustrade remains structurally sound.

    2. Complement the Design of The Property

    Your clients want you to provide your insight as to how to make the glass balustrade complement the existing look, or new design, of the property. You need to keep up with the latest designs to ensure that you can provide helpful design tips so your clients are comfortable with your opinion. For example, you might consider a postless glass stair balustrade that is supported by the handrail since it provides a wide and uninterrupted view.

    3. Glass Panel Specifications

    Our glass insert panels are fabricated from quality toughened glass. We stock glass in either 10 or 12 mm and we can fabricate panel dimensions according to your design specification. Our frameless panels with either polished or bevelled edges are easy to clean, resistant to environmental conditions, and retain its shape and look for years to come. These considerations are important, so much so that the glass balustrade you install requires less maintenance over the long-term.

    4. Choice of Accessories

    Our extensive range of balustrade accessories offers widespread appeal for our trade clients, as everything is available from the one convenient location. You will find a range of products from glass clamps of various sizes to suit panels of different thickness, to stainless steel studs, stand-offs and spigots for pool fencing construction.

    5. Customise the Glass Balustrade

    We offer fully customisable options for your glass balustrade to suit the look and feel of your property. Whether you are after round edges or modern straight lines, our glass panels and balustrade accessories allow you to personalise your new installation. Provide your clients with options so that they can consider a glass balustrade that will set their property apart.

    Glass Balustrade Cost

    Glass Balustrade Cost Per Metre

    Among the different types of balustrades, glass balustrades are one of the more expensive options, which is why its important to come up with an estimate of how much you could spend before making any decisions. How much glass balustrading is will depend on the type of material you’re going to use and the width that the balustrade will cover.

    There are normal and average glass balustrades that cost $230 meter, while a frame less balustrade can cost up to $300-$320 per meter. Aside from the materials, the final price of a balustrade depends on the size of the balcony or the staircase. It definitely helps to have your balcony or staircase measured precisely in order for the supplier to give you an accurate price on the balustrades or the staircase.

    The cost of a glass balustrade in Sydney will depend on individual project requirements such as length and fixing type. However, the cost of Glass balustrade panels is as little as $300 per linear metre, Frameless Glass Balustrades is $375 to $425 per metre and Frameless Custom Balustrade is $675 to $755 per metre.

    All prices include fully customised service and project planning from initial consultation to the project’s ultimate completion. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available any time to answer questions as part of our industry-leading customer service commitment.


    Where To Use Glass Balustrades

    When most people think of glass, they think of a material that is easy to shatter, and shouldn’t be used as a load-bearing material. In the case of glass balustrade, not only is glass used for load bearing, it is also used for glass balustrade stairs, which are arguably even more stressful.

    However, thanks to advancements in material sciences and technology, glass can now be made that is resistant to compression and twisting forces, and thus can be used for balustrade design, given that it will follow balustrade height and balustrade regulations.


    What Are Glass Balustrades

    Glass Balustrades are a repeating series of balusters, which help in supporting and keeping up railings for balconies, verandahs, or any area that is cordoned off for aesthetic and practical purposes. Traditionally, timber balustrades are the norm, with metal such as wrought- or cast-iron structures being used. In times that are more modern, aluminum is also used as decorative and load-bearing components. Stainless steel balustrade posts and components are also popular, particularly for outside use.

    Balustrade design can vary wildly, from minimalist panel-like designs, to ornate, sculpted posts that can be used as focal points for the design aesthetic. Balustrades also serve two other primary purposes, aside from Aesthetic design. The first one is a matter of house design and practicality, as a balustrade can define the enclosed area, be it a verandah, balcony or stairs. In some cases, they can even be used to cordon off a corner of a flat area, so that it can be designated a special area for meetings and such.

    The other use for a balustrade is for safety, as the height between one area and the next can be very different. It’s also used for the same reason in stairs, as it makes people follow the suggested path, rather than diagonally traveling down that stairs and ending up with nothing left to lean on for safety and balance.


    Glass Balustrades Frequently Asked Questions

    The legal height of a balustrade or Barrier should n’t be less than 1m above the floor of any access route, balcony, landing at which it is not bounded by a wall and its level over the surface is 1m or more than 4m in which a person is able to fall through an open window, 865mm over the ground of a landing into a stair or ramp where the balustrade or other barrier is provided along the inner edge of the landing and is more than 500mm long.

    A transition zone could be integrated where the balustrade or barrier height varies from 865mm on the stair flight or fall to 1m in the landing.
    There are regulations regarding the capacity for loads on the metal rail also. These regulations suggest how much weight or strain a rail ought to be able to keep from moderate pressure for example people leaning on it or strong winds. The regulations vary according to contributing factors, including the kind of residence you’ve got, what material your railing is assembled out of, and even things like how many bolts you have used to secure it.

    For more technical details on handrail spans and anxiety requirements, read the Deck and balcony safety, Fair Trading NSW paper on this issue.

    A balustrade is an architectural barrier that’s designed to deliver a building occupant with security from falling.
    Balustrades play a part of separation in use, so the border of the split area is clear and clean, and the engineered railings are extremely decorative.
    A balustrade design solution should match the design of home – whether a conventional residence or a contemporary home. In both cases there are lots of choices in each category based upon the materials used and the level of craftsmanship involved. Following are a few classes and examples of balustrading.

    The first choice you will need to make when installing a glass balustrade is to determine where you will restore your fixtures and glass from.
    Lots of individuals would rather have a professional manage things for you, and guarantee that the balustrade is installed properly. By hiring a trusted firm to handle the creation and installation of your balustrade, you are more likely to have an experience that is seamless and easy to manage.

    We only come to check measurements when the deck, staircase or balcony is completely installed, but we are happy to give a quote from plans or drawings before this time.

    We are installers and suppliers of stylish and modern glass balustrades.

    We have thousands of delighted Sydney customers that have bought directly from us, some have installed themselves or have used our experienced tradesmen. It’s really down to what you feel comfortable with. Whichever way you choose we will ensure your project is a success and the balustrade fits and adds the quality and aesthetics that you want for your property.

    We certainly do and we have a very big base of professional Sydney builders and business that work with us. If frame-less glass balustrades are a regular offering of yours, or if you want them to be, then please get in touch with us and we can discuss our various options for regular trade customers.

    Yes, the glass systems are supplied cut to exact sizes and fully fabricated “ready to install by us”. You will not need to cut or fabricate anything on site as the system will be fully ready to assemble and install.

    We supply the screws and accessories that put the glass balustrade system parts together.

    Yes they can! We bend the design in house and you can have a curved frameless balustrade made to your design. This includes the supply of curved laminated and toughened glass. Please share your requirements or vision with us and we will see what we can do that best matches what you require.

    We can do both. When quoting from a plan, a site measure is always required to finalise your quotation. When we do come to site, it will also allow us to give you some ideas and suggestions regarding your project.

    Even if we have quoted off plans, we do need to attend site. A quotation cannot be finalised without a site visit.

    We prefer that all decision makers are present. Other trades can also be there, but this is not a necessity.

    As we have such a large selection, bringing samples of all the products is simply not possible.

    Complete our quote form here. Please double check the details on your quotation, including the drawing.

    As a general rule, we work on a 2 week lead time. This can vary at different times of the year. Peak season can extend this out to 3 weeks. We always recommend, the more notice the better.

    If applicable, we contact the other trades and we will confirm our schedule. This can generally take us 72 hours. Once we have all this information on hand, we can look to schedule your work. We will always do our best to meet your schedule and timeline but from time-to-time, this may not be possible.

    Not necessarily. As a rule we install around 8lm of balustrade in a single day. This does not include any preparation works, like installation of timber noggins, earthing preparations, or custom glass templates. We will ensure we discuss the process with you before we begin.

    We core drill through your tiles/pavers into your concrete base. We generally core drill 100-120mm. We never bolt down to concrete as core drilling will provide superior strength.

    We carry 3 shapes of spigots for glass fencing and within these shapes there are different fixing methods.

    If possible, this would be our recommendation. It would be much easier to complete prior to the installation of our glass balustrade. Our installers know how to take care around recently stained decks.

    Yes we can, if it’s allowed for it will be noted on your quotation. If you want to keep the old product, please let us know at the time of quotation, otherwise we will remove it from site and recycle the old product.

    Location, accessibility, style, complexity, material types, and contractor experience all influence price. Each project is designed, priced, and installed to the client’s specifications. Inquire about specific costs with a local glass balustrade staircase installation expert.

    As you can see, the price of a glass balustrade stairs is determined by a variety of variables. We can assist you in obtaining all of the materials and equipment you require to construct the best glass balustrade for your clients at Balustrade Authority

    The installation costs of a glass balustrade staircase.

    1. Building a standard glass balustrade stairway for new construction is simple; however, remodelling an existing staircase or designing a custom glass staircase can be more difficult.
    2. These scenarios all follow the same pattern, which begins with the site measurements that are used to create the construction drawings.
    3. Depending on the materials, you’ll need to decide which manufacturer to order from and when you’d like them delivered.
    4. The contractor glass balustrade in charge of putting together the stairwell components.

    Frameless Glass Balustrade Sydney

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