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We have developed the trust of customers from different sectors, including home construction, architects, commercial property developers, renovators, and homeowners in Sydney.


Professional Installation and Maintenance

Glass Balustrade Authority is proud to offer comprehensive installation services across Australia. Our experienced team ensures a hassle-free installation process, from the initial site assessment and custom design to the final installation. We also provide guidance on maintenance and periodic safety checks, helping you preserve the beauty and integrity of your glass balustrade for years to come.

Custom Solutions to Fit Your Budget

Understanding that project requirements and budgets vary, we offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team provides transparent quotations, helping you make informed decisions without compromising on quality or safety.

Our glass balustrades customers rely on The Australian Glass Balustrade Authority to deliver a full, trouble-free service from design through to installation for balconies & staircases .. Integral to this service, are the following elements:

  • We over 25 years experience installing glass balustrades in Sydney homes and commercial properties.
  • Fully licensed and insured - Licensed Contractor No:323558C ACN:164 796 463.
  • All installations fully comply with the Building Code of Australia.
  • Proud members of the Australian Glass and Glazing Association (AGGA).
  • Understanding Client Objectives: Clearly identifying the client's goals, especially when installing glass balcony, glass enclosures or glass on decking, and advising on the most effective strategies
  • Project Planning: Offering competitive pricing and efficient project management, particularly for custom glass balustrades and aluminum frame installations.
  • Solution Oriented Approach: Addressing challenges with innovative solutions, ensuring smooth implementation of outdoor glass balustrades or glass pool fences in Sydney
  • Safety Focus: Adhering to building codes and safety standards, including compliance with with AS1288 Australian Standard AS1288-2006 (AS1288) essential for structural glass barriers/balustrades.
  • Material Expertise: Efficiently sourcing and handling diverse materials like glass, wood, and metal, liaising with glass manufacturers for tempered glass or stainless steel hardware.
  • Handling Installation: Navigating the intricacies of working alongside other trades, particularly crucial during the installation of delicate elements like glass deck railing or glass balcony panels.

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What Is a Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades are frameless glass panels supported by posts and rails that create barricades offering safety from fall risks on stairs, decks, balconies and other areas with level changes. The sturdy glass panels, lacking frames, are mounted onto supports and fasteners on railings and handrails to provide see-through barriers that protect from elevated drops while maintaining visibility and an open feel. By utilizing durable materials like glass panels and metal fasteners on railings, posts and supports, the frameless glass balustrade system safeguards spaces with elevation differentials like stairs, porches, terraces and balconies from fall hazards for inhabitants and visitors.

What Glass Balustrades Are the Popular Choice for Sydney homes.

When looking to add more space, glass balustrades with tempered or laminated glass of sufficient thickness and load capacity offer an alternative to costly renovations. The clear glass lets in light, making rooms feel more open. This makes frameless glass balustrades ideal for cramped indoor stairs and outdoor balcony fences, as building codes permit glass barriers ensuring safety. The customizability of mounting systems allows durably thickened glass panels to be installed as stylish balustrades that protect from falls while visually opening up stairwells and porches without occupying space. Glass balconies fence people in safely while not blocking desirable light and views. Sturdy glass material resists weather and wear from consistent use on busy steps and landings better than walls would. With appropriate thickness and lamination, transparent glass balustrades brighten rooms and maximize apparent space without major demolition or rebuilding existing structures.

Where Can I Install Glass Balustrades in Sydney?

Glass balustrades can be installed in a myriad of settings, offering flexibility alongside aesthetic appeal. From balconies to staircases, and pool areas, the options are limitless.

What to Look for in a Glass Balustrade Installer?

When looking for a glass balustrade installer, consider their experience, standards compliance, and the quality of glass balustrades they install.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Balustrading?

Glass balustrading offers many benefits. It offers a clear, unobstructed view, making it a popular choice for Sydney properties with a view or for pool fencing. It’s also a safety feature, as the toughened safety glass panels used are very difficult to break. Moreover, glass balustrades are designed to meet the highest quality standards, making them a great long-term investment for your home or commercial property.

What Types of Glass Are Used in Frameless Glass Railing Systems?

The type of glass used in frameless glass railing systems is typically tempered or toughened safety glass. This kind of glass is much stronger than regular glass and, in the rare event that it does break, it shatters into small pieces instead of large shards, reducing the risk of injury. Laminated glass can also be used for increased safety and durability.

Can Glass Balustrades Be Installed on Balconies?

Glass balustrades can absolutely be installed on balconies. In fact, they are a popular option for glass balconies due to their durability and the clear view they provide. Whether you opt for a framed, semi-frameless, or frameless design, these balustrades are made to withstand outdoor conditions while providing safety.

Avoid Cheap Glass Balustrades

Tempted by low-cost offers for glass balustrades in Sydney? It’s understandable. Home renovations or constructions can be costly, and finding savings on components like glass balustrades can seem sensible.

However, lower prices often signal compromises in quality. High-grade building materials, like those used in glass balcony railings or frameless glass balustrades, usually come at a fair price, reflecting the cost of maintaining a sustainable business. Here’s how manufacturers might reduce costs for glass balustrades:

Compromised Safety Glass

Safety glass, crucial in products like glass pool fences in Sydney, is a legal necessity. It’s not just for transparency; it’s for safety. Some manufacturers might skimp on safety glass in cheap balustrades. The absence of tempered or laminated glass can become painfully apparent only after an accident. Investing in safety glass with a trusted supplier, such as The Australian Glass Balustrade Authority in  Sydney, ensures durability and compliance, avoiding the risks associated with regular plate glass.

Inferior Metal Quality:

Initially, all metals look good. However, with time, the metal used in cheaper balustrades, like aluminum frames in outdoor glass balustrades, may show rust or stains, demanding extra upkeep.

Excessive Hardware:

Quality glass balustrades, such as custom glass balustrades, are designed with minimal posts for an unobstructed view. Cheaper alternatives might lack structural integrity, requiring more posts, clamps, and visible hardware, affecting the aesthetic appeal.

Substandard Finishing:

Cheap glass balustrades may lack the meticulous crafting seen in products like glass balcony panels or glass deck railing. You might find uneven glass cuts, rough metal finishes, or inconsistent craftsmanship – minor flaws that collectively detract from the overall appearance and feel of the installation.

How Much Does Glass Balustrade Cost in 2024 ?

For frameless glass balustrades using 12mm tempered or heat soaked glass, supply only costs around $145 per lineal meter with spigots and handrail. Void or face fixed systems start at $175 per meter in 2024.

Supply of semi-frameless pool fencing with infill panels begins at $90 per lineal meter. Semi-frameless glass balustrades start at $125 per meter including posts and nanorail.

Installed prices for frameless glass balustrades average $299 per meter with 12mm laminated panels, spigots and handrail. Complex curved assemblies can cost over $1950 per meter installed.

Gates range from $219 for 8mm tempered glass to $590 for thicker 12mm privacy glass, including hinges and latch. Installation adds $150-200 per gate. Thickness and laminated options impact durability and load capacity.

With proper design using sufficiently thick glass, codes permit frameless glass barriers offering unobstructed views that brighten stairwells and balconies safely. Maintenance involves keeping materials free of residue. Consult an expert for advice selecting the appropriate type of mounting method, thickness and glass for your setting and budget.
(Please be advised that these are just estimates and not a delivery deadline price)

Glass Balustrade Designs

Our breathtaking and stylish glass balustrade designs bring a modern touch to your residential and commercial spaces. The quality of glass used ensures safety and durability, while tailored designs add a bespoke touch to your surroundings.

glass balustrade installers

Glass Balustrade Professionals in Sydney NSW

Our firm can provide you with glass balustrade for your property. Our glass items are meant to accentuate the open views of your yard and surrounding area while also being tall enough to prevent anyone from jumping over or falling from the balcony, particularly children who may be tempted to climb on top while playing.


Glass Railing Fitters

For those who want a frameless glass railing fitters, our balustrades combine the simple elegance of glass with the majestic finish of stainless-steel supports and glass fence panels. The glass balcony post might alternatively be made of wood rather than metal, giving it a more rustic and natural appearance.

Glass Railings for Decks


Glass Balustrade Regulations

Safety is at the forefront of our design philosophy. Our glass balustrades are engineered using tempered or laminated glass, adhering to the stringent Australian Standards (AS1288, AS1170) for glass and glazing. Features like toughened glass and robust handrails add an extra layer of safety, ensuring that our installations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also secure and durable.


How To Choose A Glass Balustrade

1. Do Your Research

To ensure you select the correct size, type and quality of glass panels and stainless steel fittings, do your research and consult with the client. Make sure that appropriate permissions, permits and licences have been sought so that the installation of the glass balustrade is not compromised. Patience and care is required so that the glass balustrade remains structurally sound.

2. Complement the Design of The Property

Your clients want you to provide your insight as to how to make the glass balustrade complement the existing look, or new design, of the property. You need to keep up with the latest designs to ensure that you can provide helpful design tips so your clients are comfortable with your opinion. For example, you might consider a postless glass stair balustrade that is supported by the handrail since it provides a wide and uninterrupted view.

3. Glass Panel Specifications

Our glass insert panels are fabricated from quality toughened glass. We stock glass in either 10 or 12 mm and we can fabricate panel dimensions according to your design specification. Our frameless panels with either polished or bevelled edges are easy to clean, resistant to environmental conditions, and retain its shape and look for years to come. These considerations are important, so much so that the glass balustrade you install requires less maintenance over the long-term.

Frameless vs Semi Frameless: Which is Right for You?

The choice between frameless and semi-frameless glass balustrades often comes down to personal preference. Both options offer distinct advantages, with frameless options providing a seamless, panoramic view, and semi-frameless choices bringing a different aesthetic element to the surroundings.

Enhance Your Sydney Home with Glass

Enhance your Sydney residence with our range of glass balustrade solutions. Let the outside in, with the beauty and sophistication only a glass railing system can provide.


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We have developed the trust of customers from different sectors, including building and construction businesses, architects, commercial property developers, renovators, and homeowners in Sydney.

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Enhance your home's sleek aesthetic, with our cutting edge frameless glass balustrade systems throughout your entire house renovation.
Strata & Real Estate Balustrades

Commercial Projects

Easy to clean and maintain; Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial applications, updating the look and feel of your business is a worthwhile investment.

Strata & Real Estate

The Balustrade Authority is the preferred partner of strata companies across Sydney, ensuring all glass balustrades and stainless steel handrails comply with Australian Standards.

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Our balustrade installers are available 6 days a week, including holidays, for repair and maintenance of your home or business premises.


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Client Testimonials

See what our previous customers say about us and their new balustrades, and also you can see some of our most recent feedback below.

Portia Sarah of The Hills District NSW

Sydney (Chester Hill),New South Wales
They showed up on time, really fast. Really Great! Called them on Friday afternoon only asking for a quote for my Chester Hill house, beat another competitor who was offering a lower quality on cost/price that day, and installed the pool fencing . Looks great, works excellent, fast simple setup that is friendly. Thank you for keeping my grand children safe!  

Lallie Kristin of Gymea Bay

Gymea Bay, Sutherland Shire, New South Wales

My name is Lallie, I had a glass balustrade that needed to be cut and made I talk to them came over and measured and did a great job everything was done when they said it was going to be done very impressed with the company will use them again for my next glass job that I need thank you.

Delbert Jordan from Sylvania Waters NSW

Sylvania Waters NSW

I had a great experience with Balustrade Sydney Authority. I’m very satisfied with their customer service and price. I first reached out to them in December 2018 and had my fence installed by the January 2019!  I’d highly recommend them  to anyone in the market for frameless glass fencing for their pool or patio.

Eryn Mahalia of Sydney

Sydney (CBD),New South Wales

Our new house in the Eastern Suburbs of  Sydney inhabits a hillside setting with commanding views over the Sydney Harbour. The layout planned to maximise these panoramic views with matching railings and glass balustrade balcony and the master bedroom leading from the lounge and a balcony system that is first class was of prime significance to the aesthetics of the building.

The words ‘amazing’ and ‘adore your balcony’ are frequently used. It is loved by us and in our head, the baluster represents excellent value over and above any other system. Thank you again.

Greyson Taylor of Baulkham Hills NSW

Sydney (Baulkham Hills),New South Wales

They were really simple to speak with during the estimating procedure. They showed up on time for the approximation appointment in Baulkham Hills.

I ‘d three estimates for my pool fence, they were just $10 more in relation to the lowest bidder but I favored their fencing product over the competition.

The Sydney Balustrade Authority definitely recommended by us to anyone contemplating a pool fence. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER CARE!

The fence looks amazing, and very best of all I ‘ve peace of mind knowing my little toddler will probably not be dangerous in the backyard with us. We adore it.

Lavone Jillian of Manly

Sydney (Manly),New South Wales

Following my recent decision to considerably expand the size of my property in Sydney (Manly), I ‘d wanted to add 2 new Glass / Stainless Steel balconies to my property.

After consultation with all the producers, The Balustrade Authority of  Sydney, I asked for a quote to install these balustrade / balconies.

From first contact to delivery, they were a joy to work with. From consultation and initial design as the depth of the balcony grew from first discussions to making minor changes, the guys went out of their way to make certain the exacting standards were matched for our job. 5* service.

Mack Trevor of Chatswood

Sydney (Chatswood),New South Wales

We could have purchased a marginally more economical one yet the balustrade we needed for our decks & pergolas wouldn’t have been the same. With this glass balcony system we get compliments constantly from passers by, it seems amazing, what our home in Chatswood looks like now, thanks guys

Louise Karyn of Liverpool, NSW 2170

Liverpool, NSW 2170

I left a msg. one Sunday morning and he texted me back in 5 min. with a quotation for our driving school liverpool office

The glass fence and the gate look excellent, work flawlessly and we believe the pool area is protected as well as the children are safe. He also provided his guidance in my Liverpool, NSW office , I can not imagine not having this fence. Great work!


Latest News From The Team

Is frameless glass balustrade safe?

If you are considering installing frameless glass balustrades in your home or business in Sydney, they are the safest and most appropriate option.

What is the NSW standard for glass balustrade?

The minimum height of a glass balustrade in NSW is one metre, and if protecting a pool area, the access height must be at least one and a half metres. All balustrade glass must be of Grade A safety standard.

What glass is used for glass balconies?

Tempered glass, also known as toughened glass, is typically the most popular material for framed or frameless glass balcony balustrades. The processing of tempered glass and heat-strengthened glass is relatively similar.

How much does glass balustrade cost Sydney?

Glass balustrade panels in Sydney can be purchased for as little as $300 per linear metre, whereas frameless glass balustrades cost between $375 and $425 per metre and frameless custom balustrades cost between $675 and $755 per metre.

What are the building regulations for glass balustrades in NSW?

Once installed, the overall height of the glass balustrade in NSW must be at least 1000mm above the level of the floor landing, such as the top of a flight of stairs where a fall to the ground of at least 1000mm is possible.

What is a glass balustrade in a house?

A glass balustrade is a railing supported by posts that is utilised on balconies, stairways, perimeter fencing, and around swimming pools. Glass Balustrading can be a stunning addition to any home, adding a beauty and audacity that can transform the home’s appearance and provide the desired wow factor and design.

Why are glass balustrades important?

A benefit of having glass balustrades in your home is that they contribute to its security. These barriers, in addition to safety handrails, can prevent accidents such as falling from balconies or stairs.

When is the best time of day to clean my glass balustrades?

To achieve a gleaming finish on glass balustrades, it is best to clean it in the shade; your property’s location and shading determine the optimal time of day for cleaning. It will be very difficult to avoid streaks on the glass if it is cleaned in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day.

When is the best time to install glass balustrades?

Glass Balustrade Authority constructs glass balustrades throughout the year, regardless of the weather. However, the optimal time to construct a glass balustrades is prior to spring and summer. This enables you to have your glass balustrades and surrounding landscaping completed by the first warm day, giving your family an entire season of enjoyment.

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