Glass Balustrades 2022

2022 spring is almost here, and we can’t wait for the warm weather and family get-togethers in our gardens and outdoor living spaces.

At Glass Balustrade Authority, we love summer because we get to see photos of our projects in use and get calls from Sydney homeowners who want to improve their outdoor living space or add on to their home with a new and stylish glass balcony.

Our glass balustrades are easy to change to fit different situations, and there are a lot of styles and designs to choose from.

Customers sometimes like to wait for the warm weather to come before they can really picture what they want their outdoor living space to look like. Others, on the other hand, take advantage of the cold NSW weather to make sure their perfect solution is ready to go as soon as the sun comes out.

In a family-oriented home, a well-thought-out outdoor living space can be an important part of the summer social calendar. It can provide a safe place to get together with family and friends and let the kids run around and play, knowing they are safe and comfortable.

All of our glass railing systems can be combined with our top-of-the-line composite decking to make a complete solution. This lets us make beautiful custom designs that fit each customer’s needs exactly.
Whether clients want a handrail running over the top of the glass panels to make them feel more secure, a frameless balustrade design, a garden area that is all the same height, a decking area with steps and a garden balustrade, or an accessible balcony solution, we can design a perfect match between our products to make and instal a high-quality outdoor living space that the whole family can enjoy.

A well-planned decking area and garden balustrade can make a stylish area for entertaining that doesn’t take up too much grass.

If you have a back garden, this is the perfect time to get creative and make it your own outdoor living paradise.

Take your time and think about how you want to use your backyard, how much time you want to spend outside, and most importantly, how much maintenance you want to do.

Find out where the sun shines the most in the area. That way, you can plan a seating area to match the sun cycle and make the most of the warm Australian weather.

In the shaded area, you might be able to put a grill or pizza oven so that the man of the house can stay cool while cooking for the family.

It’s also helpful to imagine what your back garden will look like from the window that will face it. A well-planned outdoor space should be enjoyable even from inside the house, so make sure you don’t block any views of the neighbourhood or make it hard to keep an eye on the kids while they play.

Even though we can do projects all year long because we have a wide range of smart and innovative products, we can’t wait for summer to start so we can help as many families as we can get their perfect outdoor living space. Contact us today for a free estimate! (02) 8076 7495.

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