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Aluminium Balustrade Vs Glass Balustrade

Pros and Cons of Glass Balustrades Vs Aluminium Balustrade

What factors should you consider when deciding whether glass or aluminium balustrade is the best option. It is determined by a number of factors, including the overall appearance of your outdoor recreation area, the practicality of the fencing, and the cost. Remember that giving your area a stylish look will increase the value of your home.

Disadvantages of Aluminum

Aluminium fencing and balustrades have the disadvantage of being a lightweight material that bends more easily than other materials, making them less secure. To be sure, it takes a lot of force to bend it by hand, and fencing is more of a deterrent in the first place.

Advantages of Glass

Glass is a fabulous choice if you are looking for a less intrusive style of fence, giving you a stunning look that will not detract from any views or landscaping your property enjoys.

It works well if you have children to keep a watchful eye on and offers a stylish look to your outdoor entertaining areas.

Our frameless glass fencing usually comprises full-height posts between the glass panels adding a dynamic feel. You can have the standard black or silver option or as posts are powder coated in Dulux colours you can select a colour to complement your outdoor colour scheme. Posts can be supplied in a round or square profile, that are core drilled or base plated to concrete, timber or steel.

The glass panels installed between the posts are 10mm toughened safety glass held between the posts by rubber glazing wedges.

The Balustrade Authority is a Sydney aluminium balustrade supplier balustrading subcontractor for commercial and private metal and glass balustrade endeavors. We’re a totally Australian owned balustrade provider with a longstanding existence in the Sydney NSW. The truth is, our history in residential handrail balustrade jobs and subcontracting commercial dates back to December1986. We offer architectural balustrade systems which are engineered to match and exceed Australian Standards for structural integrity, glazing, security, accessibility and freedom, etc. We provide an all-inclusive selection of advanced balustrade options to satisfy the needs of all our builders and contractors. Our high quality metal and glass balustrade products are accessible for both; provide only and facility and supply.

How to Choose a Glass Balustrade

For glass fencing, frameless glass balustrades are a popular choice. The panels are extra thick and strong, comply with council fence regulations, and provide an unobstructed view, making it easier to keep an eye on the kids. A glass balustrade with no frames can also give the impression of more space outside.

The advantages of glass balustrade will be discussed here.

  • Glass Is Simple to Clean and Maintain….
  • Glass Doesn’t Obstruct Light or Vision….
  • Glass Is More Long-Lasting Than You Think.
  • Glass Can Create the Illusion of Space….
  • Glass Can Provide Modern Sophistication.
  • Glass Improves Safety and Security….
  • Glass Blocks the Wind’s Chill.

Glass Balustrades for Decks Have a Lot of Benefits

Is it really a good idea to use glass balustrades for decks, given the drawbacks? Are the benefits of glass railings greater than the drawbacks? For many, they do, and there are several compelling reasons to choose glass for your railings.

The first reason is the one stated at the start of this article. From your deck, glass balustrades provide a clear, uninterrupted view. If you keep them clean, that is. If you’ve paid a lot of money for a house with a beautiful view, you’ll want to make the most of it, and glass balustrades are the best way to do that.

Tough glass balustrades are safe, and in some cases, they are even safer than wood or metal balustrades. Many people are unaware of this, but it is another significant advantage that glass balustrades have over other products. Glass will only break or be damaged in extreme circumstances, and it is not susceptible to rot in the same way that wood is. Your glass balustrades will also be safety glass, which means that if they are broken, the shards will not be dangerous because they are not sharp.

When compared to other types of railings, glass balustrades have some maintenance advantages. The front side of the glass balustrades is actually quite simple to clean. The outer facing side of the balustrades may also be relatively easy depending on the height of your deck. You can also use a high pressure cleaner (set to a reasonable strength only) and whilst a messy job can very effectively make your class clear and sparkling. Wooden railings, on the other hand, need to be oiled or painted on a regular basis. If you don’t do it yourself, painting timber railings can be time consuming and expressive. Oiling is a simpler task, but it must be done at least every couple of years.

Glass balustrades are also environmentally friendly because the material (glass) is easily recyclable. They are also eco-friendly (in comparison to metal railings) as they do not release harmful materials or substances as they do not corrode. This is assuming that the glass balustrades (and they usually are) posts and fittings are comprised of powder coated aluminium or stainless steel.

Glass Balustrade for Decks Measured & Installed.j

PDF | 4.816 – Australian Building Codes Board, Deck, Aluminium balcony and window safety

Published: 10 June 2014 – Building Codes PDFPDF |

Architectural Aluminium Balustrades – For Your Architectural Job

Using aluminium in balustrades has gained popularity in today’s architectural design business for these reasons.

  • Contrary to other metals, aluminum is immune to corrosion, which enlarges its use.
  • The first mechanical properties of aluminium could be well kept with nominal care in dry states.
  • Storage and shipping of aluminium is more easy than other substances.
  • Aluminium balustrades last more than steel and wood balustrades.
  • Aluminium is fairly cost effective when compared with other substances.
  • Aluminium functions as a great surface for long-lasting powder coated or anodised finishes.
  • Aluminium balustrades are really a fashionable and lasting solution to boost the look of residential and commercial developments. It is easily equipped for balconies or decks to really have a classic appearance with care free finish and is also appropriate for internal uses.

The Balustrade Authority Australia’s leading Aluminium balustrade Company introduces “Strong-Aluminium-Railing-System 1”. This original aluminium balustrade system was made to optimize flexibility by removing observable screws, rivets and welds, whilst supplying a good look.

By using intelligent layout and structural alloys “Strong-Aluminium-Railing-System 1” Aluminium Balustrades has been designed, analyzed and certified to the Australian Standards, particularly AS1170 as well as the Building Code of Australia. “Strong-Aluminium-Railing-System 1” Balustrades provide the flexibility of a variety of powder coat colours and layouts and may be either core or top repaired.

This original modern balustrade system was designed specially to add value to your commercial or national scenario. The exceptional modular system offers flexibility seldom seen in aluminium balustrades. With the aptitude correct railings on site you eliminate the expensive delays that are possible production mistakes related to other systems and created by quantifying.

Strong-Aluminium-Railing-System 1 Crucial Advantages!

  • Faster & easier to quantify – meaning shorter lead times.
  • Staged Setup ensuring completed handrail isn’t damaged during building.
  • Exceptional temporary system. The single balustrade that integrates a a handrail that is temporary as portion of the system.
  • Modular System – empowering simple on site adjustment where necessary.
  • Make on site – with no need to make the materials could be delivered direct to site for installation for specific jobs.
  • Accessible Australia wide with providers that may manage jobs of any size.

Our competitive pricing, outstanding workmanship, expertise, timeliness, flexibility, co-operation, quality and guarantee has made us become Australia’s metal and glass balustrade specialist providing the greatest in modern balustrading for high rise flats, multi-component developments, retirement villages, town houses, etc. With over two decades of expertise in Sydney / Brisbane stainless steel, aluminium and structural glass balustrades, an indepth understanding of the Australian Standards that link to metal and glass balustrading and engineer accredited balustrade systems, we’re nicely equipped to manage any private or commercial endeavor for residential or commercial Sydney handrail balustrades.

Aluminium Balustrade Supplier – Where to Find and Work With Providers

This guide is going to assist you in finding and invent excellent relationships with a specialist in aluminium balustrading, glass framed balustrades trained professioanl and motorised gates master builders whether you are trying to find raw materials for making or finished products to resell.

Providers are critical to virtually every aluminium company in Sydney. Without metallic element aluminum manufacturing companies to supply properly fitted balustrade which you resell or raw materials to make that which you sell, you are going to possess a difficult time. In addition, there are many supplies and services your company uses up from aluminium clips, as a part of general overhead.

Sellers and providers -the terms are used here-can do a lot more than just provide you together with services and the materials you must work. They are also able to be significant sources of advice and offers because of the quality and especially made designs that make the company superior to other Sydney balustrade manufacturers, enabling you to assess the possibility of new goods, track competitors’ activities and identify promising opportunities. Sellers even finance new advertising efforts and can become associates, enabling you to cut costs, enhance product layouts. Should you not make choosing sellers and great providers part of your growth program, you are prone to repent it.

Evaluating Balustrade Suppliers

Providers may be split into four general groups. Their suppliers are:

  1. Aluminum Producers or Manufacturers. Most retailers purchase through independent representatives who manage the products of a number of different firms or business salespeople. Costs from these sources are generally lowest unless the place of the retailer makes transport freight expensive. Having a professionally installed and fitted balustrade is as easy as calling the Sydney Balustrading experts.
  2. Providers / Distributors. Brokerages also referred to as Australian suppliers of aluminium wholesalers or jobbers, distributors purchase in amount from several producers and warehouse the goods available to retailers. Although their costs are higher than the usual manufacturing company’s, they are able to provide little orders to retailers from many different manufacturing companies. (Some producers will not fill orders that are small.) Fast delivery time from a closeby vendor and a lesser cargo bill frequently compensates for the higher per-item price for any metal porch railings.
  3. Independent Trusted Builders and Tradesmen. Independent tradesmene who sell at Design and Railing Balustrade trade shows (see below map ) or through reps often offers exclusive supply of exceptional creations

Australian Metal Balusters Suppliers Directory. Foreign goods are bought by many Aluminium retailers from a national importers, who runs much like a national wholesaler. Or, depending upon your acquaintance with sources that are foreign, you might need traveling abroad to purchase goods.

What Is An Excellent Aluminium Balustrade Supplier?

Lots of growing businesses focus on a single characteristic of the providers: cost. And cost surely is not unimportant when you’re choosing iron baluster aluminium providers to accompany you as your company grows. However there is more to a provider -and more to the price to do business using a provider in relation to the sum. Don’t forget, also, that providers have been running a business to generate profits. Question them to shave costs on everything they sell to you personally, or fail to pay your invoices quickly, do not be surprised if they stop calling should you visit the mat together on every statement.

After cost, dependability has become the crucial variable to consider in providers when using  aluminium vertical tube balustrade systems. Suppliers that are great will send the correct amount of things to ensure they arrive in very good condition and  aluminium powder coated balustrades according to your specifications, on time. At times it is possible to get the dependability that is most effective from a provider that is big. These firms possess the resources to commit to back-up sources and systems that, if something bad happens, they are able to nevertheless fulfill their obligations to you personally. But do not fail modest providers. In the event you’re a big customer of a small business, you will get a lot more focus and maybe dependability and better service than if you’re a little customer of a big provider. You also need to consider splitting your  aluminium fencing panels among two projects that are smaller. This may provide a back-up to you along with a high profile.

Equilibrium is just another crucial index. You will need to join with sellers that have experienced business a number of years and have done so without companies that are altering every couple of years and professional in metal office furniture and home furniture. An organization that has long- tenured senior executives is just another great indication, as well as a strong standing is a bright indicator that the business is not unstable. In regards for your personal expertise, try to find telltale signals of seller trouble, including shipments that arrive earlier than they were requested by you -this is an indication of a seller that needs to accelerate cash receipts and is brief.

Do not forget place. Aluminium Products purchased from a metal provider that is distant usually takes quite some time to get to you personally as well as create freight charges that are added immediately. Learn how long a cargo will require to reach your loading dock. A distant provider could present a serious difficulty, if you’re more likely to want something quickly. Additionally, establish provider cargo policies. Should you purchase an amount that is specific aluminium products, for example, you could get free transport. You might be able to join several orders and save on cargo. Better yet, look for a provider that is similar nearer to house ordering flexibility and to maintain price savings.

Eventually, a grab bag of characteristics that may normally be termed competence. You will need providers who are able to provide the latest ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals in containers, most innovative services and products. They will have to get well-skilled workers service and to sell their goods. They need to be able to offer a number of alluring fiscal conditions on purchases to you and measure and quote for your project or they can bring a sample aluminium vertical balustrade section with for a demonstration! They can have patented our their aluminium balustrades in a unique weld-free interlocking design. Their aluminium railings with vertical aluminium balusters are definitely worth a look.. Plus they need to have a realistic approach toward you, their customer, so they are ready and willing to work alongside one to grow both your companies.

Altering Your Aluminium Balustrades Provider Relationships

You might not have to discover balustrade system providers that are new to get a deal that is new. You get improved service can generally get reductions and get other characteristics by building a request of your present providers you will need -although it might not be as easy as just requesting. Below are a few of the alternatives and negotiating techniques for turning providers that are average into top-shelf ones.

8 Aluminium Balusters Suppliers & Exporters in Australia

Metals SA

We are scrap metal merchants, dealing in all kinds of metal scrap. We have a requirement of tungsten carbide scrap and high speed steel scrap.

Australia Metal Scrap Suppliers


South Metal Furniture Factory

South Metal Furniture Factory is a factory that professional in metal office furniture and home furniture. Our factory is founded in 1990.

Australia Metal Furniture Suppliers

Australia Metal Locker Suppliers

Australia Filing Cabinet Suppliers

Australia Rack Suppliers


Melbourne Metal Recycling

Melbourne Metal Recycling are direct exporter of ferrous and non ferrous scrap metals in containers. Scrap metal items include:
Alloy wheels (rims)
Aluminium unclean high grade
Aluminium radiators
Alternator/ starter moto…

Australia Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metal Suppliers



Exotic Metal Trading
Deals in buying / selling copper scrap
Locally in Australia and with overseas suppliers / customers



DI LENA METAL SALES has been in business for near 45 years
here in Western Australia. It was started by Mr. Nick Di Lena
expanding now and employing approx. 15 employees.
We have a sales and manufacturing company.


Steel Plu

Steel Plus are traders and distributors in commodities such as iron ore, coal and petroleum products. We alkso trade in scrap metals and plastics. We are stgrong in Aluminium and copper scrap.
We also supply copper concentra…

Australia Scrasp Metals Suppliers

Australia Scrap Plastic Suppliers

Australia Iron Ore Suppliers

Australia Coal Suppliers




We are a West Australian company that supplies a wide range of specialty metals – Pipe, Flanges and Fittings as well as Sheet and Plate.

Our primary focus is on hard to find products howeve…

Australia Pipe Suppliers

Australia Flanges Suppliers

Australia Fittings Suppliers

Australia Valves Suppliers


AHE Australia Pty Ltd

Our parent company AHE Piping System manufactures a world patented plastic lined aluminium alloy plumbing pipes with magnilium fittings suitable for hot/cold water and gas. The pipes are one double layer structures, combining…


Aluminium Balustrade Price Per Metre – Cost List

This part of the site supplies evaluations of costs that are realistic which you might need to cover subcontractors and labour. You have to be aware the bigger the house or building, the bigger his markup is to cover overheads, although this ought to signify a market average on goals readily available for labour. This may be represented finally in his level of service.

To access data only select the commerce group that you need in the left hand side of the webpage. By snapping on these trades, fast access will be provided to the important section of the webpage. If you want to change at any given time clicking near the highest part of the page to a different class will change you to the group that is proper. Afterward select your commerce once more from your buttons in the left hand side. You may need to scroll the page down through the use of the commerce buttons in the left or instead bound in stages.

(Note: all dollar figures are quoted in Australian dollars (AU$) and are exclusive of GST).

Low cost

A rough estimate comparison and costs .

Aluminium balustrade price per metre for a b balcony system glass balustrade (10mm clear toughened glasses) appx cost: AUD $260 per linear metre.

Comparison to other systems that are balustrading:

Conventional “posted” balustrade (10mm clear toughened glasses, stainless steel) appx cost: AUD $350-AUD $450 per linear metre.
Structural glass balustrade system (15mm clear toughened glasses) approximate cost to buildcost: AUD $700-AUD $950 per linear metre.

Question: I’ve 30 metres of balustrade that is required in Sydney NSW. What’s your typical cost per metre?

Answer: There are a number of variables which will help determine the cost of your balustrade, including how many metres, whether your balcony is curved, fall in heights, colour of various powder coat colours and glass, lumber deck or concrete slab fixings, place. We’re unwilling to provide approximate pricing on the telephone after reviewing the strategies, as the cost could change. Please go to with the REQUEST A QUOTE page to find out what information we require to supply a precise quote.

Type A
Semi Frameless Glass Semi aluminium Balustrading

Semi Frameless Glass Semi aluminium Balustrading

1200mm in Height

10mm Clear Toughened

AUD $152.80 per linear metre

Type B
Frameless Glass with Aluminium

Frameless Glass with Aluminium

1200mm in height

12mm clear toughened

AUD $46.00 per linear metre.

Type C
Aluminium Balustrade Glass - Heat Soaked

Aluminium Balustrade Glass – Heat Soaked

970mm in Height

With or with out handrail holes

AUD $266.00 per linear metre

Type D
Stand Off Pool Glass with Aluminium Spigots

Stand Off Pool Glass with Aluminium Spigots

1510mm in Height

12mm Clear Toughened

AUD $1103.00 per linear metre

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