Glass Balustrades 2022

Floating, waterproof decks are a popular modern product for new construction or renovations, and their introduction continues to challenge designers and product suppliers in finding ways to incorporate them into the design. Unexpected challenges can arise with new products, and one such design dilemma for floating decks was the exposure of deck edge details through glass balustrade infills.


Solution 1: Alumina Slates

On a recent installation, one of Glass Balustrade Authority’s most experienced balustrade installers collaborated with the project architect to create a unique facade to conceal the deck details.
They custom made the hidden detailing out of a 123mm x 17mm aluminium slat, fitting it into the balustrade post before installing the glass infill for a completely integrated finish. The slats were powder coated in the same colour as the balustrade fixtures, blending in and continuing the clean lines of the floating deck.

2nd Solution – Frosted Glass

This recent major home renovation design featured a floating deck with exposed edges visible through the glass balustrade. For the ultimate sleek and minimalist finish, the balustrade installer drew on their previous experience with this issue and requested the addition of a 200mm frosted strip at the bottom edge of the glass panel. The balustrade finishing details were important to architectural designers because they are the first thing you see when approaching the home.

He improved the finished design even further by specifying an appliance white powder coat finish to match the home’s weatherboards.

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