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Understanding the value of your Sydney property in 2022 can be a useful tool for future improvements. How? Comparing the value of your home over time to its original purchase price can help you profit from your property.

Additions and renovations can increase the value of a property, allowing you to resell it for a profit.
Not only can you make more money if you decide to sell, but you can also enjoy the improvements while you’re living there.

Adding balconies with glass balustrades is an excellent way to increase the value of a home.
These additions increase the living space and enhance the view from within and without.

Learn about estimating the value of a property’s uses, glass balustraded balconies, and how to use them to increase the value of your home!

Increase Property Value With Balconies And Glass Balustrades

Regardless of the type of residential property, balconies with the proper balustrades can be a fantastic addition.

Balconies can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, making them completely adaptable to the intended purpose and requirements of the space. Balustrades are equally adaptable, allowing you to choose the size and style.

The latest trends in balcony additions demonstrate that the new outdoor space can be used for anything.
Whether you wish to work, unwind, or entertain, your new balcony can accommodate your needs.

When you’re ready to sell, you can impress and persuade potential buyers by describing the benefits your balconies bring to the property.

Bring In More Light

Adding a balcony immediately brings more natural light into a home. Having windows that begin a few feet above the floor is beneficial, but only to a certain extent. If you replace your windows with sliding glass doors that lead to your new balcony, you will receive at least twice as much light.

When you need darkness, you can block this out with curtains and blinds. When the light is desired, you can appreciate it from the floor to the wall.

Yes, sliding glass doors are permitted on all types of balconies, but a balcony with a glass balustrade will allow even more light. Having glass bannisters will allow light to pass from bottom to top while maintaining the safety of a balcony inclosure.

Choose a glass juliet balcony if you want a balcony where you cannot walk out but can open the doors to let in fresh air and light. This type of balcony allows light to enter through the entire wall while maintaining safety with a glass bannister.

A Larger Outdoor Area

When searching for a perfect apartment in Sydney, balconies are one of the most attractive features.
People who reside in apartments typically lack outdoor space, so they value the opportunity to be outside privately.

If you have outdoor space, but it is insufficient for your needs, you can expand it by adding balconies.
If you enjoy entertaining, you can offer your guests the choice between your ground-floor patio and your second-floor balcony.

If you have a great kitchen and living area in your home, you can extend this space with a balcony.
You may choose to leave the doors open to expand your entertaining area, or you may offer the balcony as an alternative means of obtaining fresh air.

If you already have enough outdoor space, a balcony can provide a different type of outdoor space.
Gardens are attractive because they contain vegetation, and they may also contain a pool or fire pit.
However, when you enjoy your garden, you may also be sharing it with less desirable aspects of nature.

A balcony provides some separation from nature without sacrificing the view. You are able to furnish it, construct a bar, and even instal an outdoor kitchen. You will be elevated, preventing pests from reaching you.

Adding living space also significantly increases the value of a home. Similar to finishing a basement or adding a room, adding a balcony increases your home’s square footage. More square footage results in a higher price!

Continuous Views

With glass balustrades, you won’t even have to sacrifice the view of your lovely garden. You can feel secure on your balcony while still enjoying the view.

If your home is surrounded by expansive valleys and undulating hills, the last thing you want to do is obscure the breathtaking view. Having a balcony will increase your living space so you can enjoy the view.
Including a balcony with glass balustrades will enhance the view.

If you’re installing glass balustrades to enhance your view, the best option is a design without posts.
You may choose to have your balcony lined entirely with glass, with no posts to obscure even the tiniest portions of your view. Consider the base shoe, standoff, and spigot balustrades.

With the base shoe option, the glass is installed so that it is supported on both sides by a solid metal “shoe” along the entire bottom of the balcony. The glass sheets on both sides are supported by peg-like spigots. The standoff option is the simplest, supporting the glass with small yet sturdy metal cylinders drilled through the glass and into the balcony’s side.

When it comes to property value, stunning Sydney views command a premium. Location is essential to selling a home, so capitalising on your property’s breathtaking view will significantly increase its value.

Less Radical Change To The Exterior Of Your Home

Balconies have always been an architectural option that can drastically alter the appearance of a dwelling.
Occasionally, this alteration is attractive and enhances the architecture. Other times, it appears incorrect.

If the balconies of contemporary homes were not also contemporary, the homes would appear inappropriate. Adding balconies with glass balustrades is one of the most modern additions you can make to your home.

Glass balustrades give your balcony a very modern appearance. In lieu of metal posts, your sides are transparent. If you desire an even more industrial appearance, you can choose glass balustrades supported by metal posts.

Additionally, stainless steel posts can be utilised in a variety of ways to alter the appearance of your balcony. You can choose to have only support posts between the panes of glass, or a metal bar that grips the glass along the top. You may also have both of these or a variation thereof.

If you don’t have a contemporary home but don’t want to drastically alter the property’s appearance, glass balustrades will make the addition less noticeable.

How Much Will It Cost for a Glass Balcony Balustrade?

When considering the cost of adding balconies with glass balustrades, you should consider how this modification will affect the property’s value. You’ll need to know how much the property was worth when you purchased it, how much the balcony additions will cost, and how much the property will be worth following the modification.

How To Estimate The Value Of A Property

What is a property’s assessed value? There are numerous online and local resources for determining a property’s land value if you’re unsure how to do so.
You can: Hire an appraiser, comparing comparable properties, online search for “home value estimator”

To obtain the most precise estimate, you should hire an appraiser or utilise a combination of the available DIY tools. Determining the land value of a property can be difficult and typically requires either experience or extensive research. You can use the price you paid for your property as a guide, but keep in mind that the price paid can be influenced by factors other than objective property value.

Start Your Glass Balcony Project

There is no longer any reason to hesitate. Adding balconies with glass balustrades in Sydney will do wonders for the property’s value and your living experience.

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