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The deck is a beautiful and important part of any home, and the glass balustrade system you choose can make a big difference in the overall aesthetics, so think about all of your options. As a result, the glass balustrade deck becomes a necessary investment! We have various types of glass deck balustrades, their benefits, and which one, according to industry experts, remains the best option in terms of aesthetics, cost, and other important factors.

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Fixing Glass Balustrade On Decking in Sydney?

For outdoor decking, glass balustrades are the best option. They allow you to unwind on your deck while watching the kids play or taking in the scenery.

Your deck railing will not obstruct your view; instead, a clear glass balustrade on decking will allow you to take in the entire panorama.

Glass balustrades not only provide better views, but they also look sleek and modern, adding visual appeal to your home.

However, if you use the wrong materials or do not properly install your glass balustrade, it can become warped and uneven.

Sydney Glass Deck Railing Design & Installation

The Balustrade Authority  offers a one-of-a-kind design, fabrication, and installation service to help you realise your glass deck design goals. We can provide a complete solution package for any project, whether it’s an ambitious exterior deck or patio balustrade or a unique talking point for an interior application.


We use only the highest-quality materials, such as 316 stainless steel. All of our balustrades are handcrafted to the highest standards.


From start to finish, our team will provide guidance and ensure that your design and service meet the highest possible standards.


Our installation team has years of experience completing projects on time (and on budget) with the least amount of downtime possible.

Make The Balustrade Authority your first stop when you’re looking for the best in decking glass balustrade design.


Steps to Install Your Glass Balustrade on Timber Deck

When it comes to the safety of your family and home, safety is always a top priority when finalising the glass railing design for balcony for your home. All of our glass is made of toughened glass and complies with all Australian Building Codes safety regulations.

  • Phone Consultation - To specify your requirements and discuss the options available to you,
  • Onsite visit - FREE onsite visits are available then we work remotely using drawings and photographs in many cases.
  • Concept - We can create a working plan for your project directly from your technical drawings or even sketches.
  • Design - Our team of experienced technical advisors will quickly respond with a design made to your requirements with a budget.
  • Manufacture - Once you are ready to go ahead, our qualified engineers will produce your project components.
  • Choice of built-in handrails (stainless steel, timber, aluminium), to add strength and comfort.
  • Installation - We begin onsite construction.
  • Extensive range of powdercoat colours.
  • Dedicated fitting team and fabricators,
  • Have worked on thousands of commercial buildings throughout Sydney.

With Our Glass Balustrading, You Can Make the Most of Your Decking.

The finishing touches are what make your project stand out. When you’ve spent valuable time installing new decking or upgrading your existing decking, it makes sense to give your hard work the finishing touch it deserves with a high-quality decking glass balustrade.

Choosing a glass balustrade for your decking could be one of the best decisions you make for your deck. You’ll be protected from the elements and able to enjoy the Sydney views far better than you would with a traditional wrought iron or wooden balustrade because it acts as a windbreak. But why choose deck glass balustrade when there are so many decking glass balustrading options?

Five Great Reasons to Choose Decking Glass Balustrading

Considering installing glass railings for your deck

  1. Easy to maintain – You won’t have to worry about painting or oiling our glass balustrading; it’s as simple as that.
  2. Our glass balustrading for decks are simple to install.
  3. Enjoy a clear view.  Decking glass balustrading allows you to fully appreciate the view beyond your decking and see what’s going on below. Your balustrade doesn’t have to get in the way of your view with minimal support posts, no corner posts or glass clamps, and the option of no handrail.
  4. Have faith in the strength and safety of our decking glass balustrading. It’s safe and long-lasting, and it’ll look great and work hard for you for many years to come.
  5. Choose your desired look – Do you have a specific style in mind? Let’s talk about it. We’ll work with you to bring your designs to life, with a wide range of ready-made options and the option of custom orders.
Domestic & Commercial Decking Glass Balustrade
Glass Railings for Decks

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The Glass Balustrade Authority specialises in innovative and high-quality ways to maximise your unused space. Installing balustrade glass for a deck or patio can help you increase your production capacity while also improving your operational efficiency.

Our exterior glass deck railing systems can open up work space by allowing natural light into the core of a building, giving the impression of open plan working with light spaces while also allowing for quiet or semi-private areas such as meeting rooms or rest and relaxation areas.

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