Glass Balustrades 2022

Consider all of the valuable items you own for a moment. Done?
What was the first thing that came to mind?
We’re guessing it was your house.

People are constantly looking for new ways to increase the value of their most valuable asset. A higher-priced home in Sydney means a higher resale value, more opportunities for home equity loans, and an overall increase in net worth.

The ongoing interest in increasing home values has resulted in a plethora of techniques that work to improve various aspects of a home.

Commercial Glass-Balustrade-Stairs-sydney
Glass Balustrade stairs

The usual suspects are present: kerb appeal, kitchen remodeling, a new roof, and so on, but these only bring your home up to par with the rest of the population. These points will be repeated by every real estate agent or property appraiser you speak with.

Thinking outside the box is required to significantly increase home values. Homeowners must abandon the old adage of form vs. function.


Why Have One When You Can Have Both?

Aesthetics that combine form and function are the best way to increase the value of your home in a distinctive way.

Glass happens to be a perfect fit for this demographic.
Glass railings, in particular, combine style and functionality.

Property values will skyrocket if your home is both functional and beautiful.

View from the Glass Railings

When purchasing a home, people place a high value on the surrounding environment.
Plant flowers and beautify your property to increase home values, according to common sense.

But what good is a beautiful yard if it is obstructed by man-made structures?

Railings are, at best, ignored, and at worst, they obstruct breathtaking views.
It’s not every day that someone comes to your house and compliments you on the beautiful hand rails you recently installed. Guests are likely to be perplexed as to why such unsightly railings were chosen.

The Goal Of Glass Railings Is To Change That Negative Stereotype.

Glass handrails take their beauty from the world around them. They look great in front of already appealing homes.

Because glass is transparent, man-made structures do not obscure nature. Glass railings can benefit homes surrounded by flowers, water, or even just a well-kept yard.

Because of their ability to highlight nature, glass railings are an excellent way to increase both the aesthetic and monetary value of your home.

Glass Railings Are Both Safe And Beautiful.

Glass railings combine the best features of traditional railings with a classy appearance that highlights stairs rather than hinders them.

There’s no denying that glass gives homes a streamlined, modern appearance. It defines without being obtrusive and stands out just enough to remind people that the small details matter.

Most people are unaware that glass can also improve safety.

Tempered glass is used to create glass railings.
Tempered glass is simply a synonym for strengthened glass.
It is the same glass that is used on car windows.

Tempered glass is appropriate for homes that are both visually appealing and dangerous.
Glass railings can be used in homes near bodies of water to protect children from drowning while also preserving the waterside view.

Similarly, homes built on cliffs or mountainsides will benefit from the glasses’ transparency for sightseeing and durability for safety.

The glass railings are unique in that they do not compromise safety for aesthetics. People are always willing to pay a premium for appealing utility.

Convenience Reigns Supreme

Tempered glass, which makes glass railings so safe, also makes them extremely durable.

Consider breaking a car window. Even after bouncing off rocks at speeds in excess of 60 mph, car windows do not break. They only crack at best.

Even if tempered glass does break, it is safer than regular glass because it breaks into small pieces rather than dangerously sharp shards that could seriously injure someone.

Glass Railings Benefit From This Durability

A railing’s primary function is to prevent people from falling down your stairs and to serve as a handrail.
Tempered glass performs admirably in both of these applications.

The glass withstands repeated human contact with the railing very well. The promise of long-lasting components can only add to the value of your home.

Because glass is easy to clean, glass railings shine as well. A wet rag and an hour of your time will have your railing looking as good as new.

People prefer to imagine their new home as a luxurious retreat. The ability to maintain their railings easily will endear them to the home and increase its value.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Glass railings are an excellent addition to any home in Sydney. So far, we’ve identified specific instances where railings thrive. However, this does not preclude a glass railing from functioning under the most basic of conditions.

The railings are ideal for mundane areas such as a standard outdoor patio. Because the glass does not have the gaps that traditional railings do, it is ideal for keeping children and pets inside an enclosed area.

Traditional stairwells work well with glass as well. Installing a glass railing on your indoor staircase will give your home a modern feel. Nothing beats the simple yet sophisticated charm of using glass to decorate the interior of your home.

Contact us if you want to increase the value of your home with glass railings or if you’re curious about the potential uses of glasses in your home.

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