Glass Balustrade Stairs in Sydney, Installation Services

The Glass Balustrade Authority supplies and installs beautiful toughened glass stairs balustrades in and around Sydney, with a frameless glass fitting system. Because no two staircases are alike, we examine every aspect of your stair design, from the threads and balustrades to the handrails, floating glass tread risers, industrial stainless steel side posts,laminated glass panels and cantilevered glass steps. As a result, we can ensure that your 12mm glass staircase balustrade in Sydney is installed and fitted perfectly.

Our glass staircase balustrades in Sydney are made of high-quality materials, making them durable and long-lasting while also providing an elegant visual appearance. In Sydney and the surrounding areas, we supply and install glass balustrades for stairs for renovating timber stairwells, home renovations, new modern homes, and commercial buildings.

Sydney Glass Balustrades for Stairs – Made to Measure & Installed

Glass Balustrade Staircase with No Frame Stairways are sleek, modern, and just lovely. With our minimalist approach, you may enhance and complement any new or renovated staircase with our stair glass balustrade. Create “space” in your Sydney home’s vertical entranceway by emphasising the glass balustrade stairwell. Our Sydney -based glass balustrades staircases are sturdy, long-lasting, practical, and above all, safe.

Glass Stair Balustrade Sydney, Free Same Day Quote

Glass stair balustrades in Sydney are the solution if you want to make the most of your home’s views or if you want the staircase to disappear into oblivion. The clear glass panels enable uninterrupted views of the room below while also acting as a protective barrier against falls.


What to Expect from Glass Balustrade Stairs?

Glass balustrade staircases systems are popular in modern and contemporary homes, but they can also be used in traditional homes

  • Super strong & durable type of glass stairs
  • Adds visibility
  • Attracts light & creates open space
  • Our spigot fixed glass balustrade system is easy to customise
  • Looks elegant & modern
  • 10-year warranty on workmanship – let’s be practical!
  • Let the light flow into your home. It enhances your mood!
  • Beautifully looking – let your friends and neighbours drool with the timeless beauty of your balustrade!
  • Safety barrier - Glass balustrades, often referred to as glass railings, primarily serve as safety barriers in architectural design, particularly on staircases, balconies, and terraces
  • Structural glass - For a minimalist aesthetic, frameless balustrades using toughened structural glass are popular, offering a unique "freestanding" effect without traditional supports.

Glass Balustrade Staircase Cost Sydney?

When it comes to glass balustrade staircase cost, we are the most affordable.

The cost of a glass balustrade staircase is determined by the length and type of fixing used in the project. Glass balustrade panels,  on the other hand, start at $400 per linear metre, while frameless glass balustrades cost $375 to $525 per metre and frameless custom balustrade costs $675 to $755.

From the initial consultation through the project’s final completion, all rates include fully customised service, tempered glass railing, laminated glass handrails, Glass balcony barriers, glass balcony barriers and project planning. As part of our industry-leading customer service commitment, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is accessible to answer inquiries at any time.

Please contact us for a free measure and quote for glass staircase fittings.

Glass For Staircases, We Beat Any Sydney Price

The Balustrade Sydney Authority can create contemporary glass panels for staircases, glass, and stainless steel. Glass stairwell allows for optimum light transmission and can help to open up tiny spaces. The Balustrade Sydney Authority team can handle continuous hand rails with ease. We are professionals in delivering DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant balustrading and handrails on commercial and residential glass stair cases and ramps, and can provide for the modern feature glass stair case in any house or workplace.

Glass Stairwell Sydney Services Include;

  • Toughened Glass
  • Fully Frameless Glass Balustrades with aluminum spigot installation in Sydney.
  • Standard Handrails of your choice are offered with laminated glass for extra safety.
  • Nominal maximum post spacing is 1500mm.
  • Installation – Timber, Concrete, Steel
  • Colors: Standard Powder Coat Range for our Sydney glass balustrading
  • Standard Height for Balustrade 1000mm

Glass Stair Railing Servicing Sydney Metro

Our glass stair railing design handcrafted with stainless steel railings will meet or surpass your project’s specifications. We have a railing system that will match your architectural vision with our inventive designs. We pay close attention to every element of your Glass Stairs Balustrade. Our installation crews recognise that you are counting on us to produce a high-quality product. We will not disappoint you with our frameless glass balustrade installation services.

We are convinced that we will be able to discover the ideal system for you, whether it is for small home glass balconies, custom stairs, or even major commercial projects. Our balustrades are built to Australian Safety Standards and Building Regulations, ensuring that you receive a high-quality structural steel or glass balustrade.

Balustrade is required in any commercial or residential construction for both safety and aesthetic reasons. These balustrades can be used for a variety of purposes, including stairways, swimming pools, decks, windbreaks, decorative items, and more. If you’re looking for a glass panel railing system, you’ve come to the right place!

Because glass railing systems are typically transparent, other aspects of the building can be viewed more clearly. A horizontal top cap and a horizontal bottom aluminium rail that collects the 12mm thick type of glass are typical components of internal glass balustrade systems.

  • Oak and glass staircase.
  • Timber stairs with glass balustrade.
  • Glass balustrade with timber handrail.

Residential and Commercial Frameless Glass Balustrade Stairs

For over 30 years, The Balustrade Sydney Authority has worked with architects (Australian Institute of Architects), builders, and designers in Sydney to provide remarkable frame-less glass balustrade staircases solutions appropriate for a wide range of Residential and Commercial applications. The final results we get are nothing short of breathtaking.

In Sydney, we specialise in designing custom glass balustrades and pool fencing for any use. People pick The Balustrade Sydney Authority because our highly skilled team of glaziers knows how to create glass architectural wonders that inspire.

All of our Sydney designed glass stairs balustrading is tailored to your needs. frameless glass staircases meet or surpass current Building Codes of Australia for stair railings, ensuring that your business glass solution is both safe and stylish, while also embodying the modern style and value for money on which we have established our reputation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of glass balustrade stairs for my home or office in Sydney?

A: Glass balustrade stairs offer several benefits. They add a modern, contemporary aesthetic to any space, they are easy to clean, and they allow for an unobstructed view which can make your space seem larger. They also come with various custom design options. You can choose the type of glass, such as toughened safety glass, as well as the color, tint options, edge finish, and thickness.

Q: What type of stair glass do you use in your custom design process?

A: We use toughened safety glass in our custom designs, which is up to five times stronger than normal glass. It is also scratch resistant. Furthermore, you can choose the level of transparency and thickness according to your preferences and safety requirements.

Q: What’s involved in the fitting process of stair glass stair balustrade in Sydney?

A: The fitting process of a stair glass balustrade requires precise measurement and accurate cutting, usually performed by a professional glass cutter. The glass panels are secured between support posts using stainless steel balustrade glass clamps. The finish is minimized to achieve a seamless, frameless look.

Q: What type of frameless glass balustrade installation do you offer?

A: We offer custom frameless balustrade installations tailored to the specific staircase design and requirements of your space. The frameless option gives a sleek, minimalist look, maximising the visibility and light flow in your building.

Q: What is the ideal thickness of the glass for stair glass balustrades?

A: The recommended thickness can vary depending on the length and diameter of the glass panel and the weight capacity it needs to carry. However, most glass stair treads are typically around 15-19mm in thickness. (Australian Glass Balustrade Standards require the minimum thickness is 10mm toughened glass)

Q: What custom glass options do you offer as part of your product range?

A: Our extensive product range allows us to offer a variety of custom options. These include varied thickness, transparency, edge finishes, as well as tint options. We also offer different mounting styles to match any style preference, from industrial to traditional.

Q: What quality of glass is utilized in Sydney for your balustrade structures?

A: For all our balustrade options, we only use the highest-quality toughened safety glass which complies with the Australian safety standards. Not only is it built to withstand high impact, but it is also heat-resistant, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: Aside from glass, what other materials are used in constructing a glass balustrade for stairs?

A: Typically, stainless steel or marine grade stainless steel is used for the support posts, handrails, and glass clamps in designing a glass balustrade. The staircase frame, flight of stairs, and stringers could be made of steel or wood, depending on the overall design.

Q: What’s the importance of using toughened glass for a stair glass balustrade?

A: Using toughened glass is important as it is up to five times stronger than regular glass, making it more resistant to impact and damage. It’s also a kind of safety glass that crumbles into small, granular pieces instead of shattering into sharp shards when broken, making it safer in case of an accident.

Q: How does the fitting process work for a frameless glass balustrade installation?

A: Frameless glass balustrade installation requires accurate measurement of the staircase. The custom glass is then cut to size and fitted into place using stainless steel balustrade glass clamps. For safety reasons, this process is usually performed by a team of professional glass installers.

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