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There are many reasons why you should think about modernising your house by including glass, and adding glass balustrades to your staircase will certainly help you to achieve that. In terms of how a property should be decorated, adding glass stairs to a home will certainly add to its overall look and feel. If you have glass staircase panels, you can allow more light to flow into your room, which makes it look larger.

Since we started manufacturing glass balustrade staircases in 1998, we’ve constructed many bespoke staircases for our customers. We know that glass staircases need special maintenance, as do other materials. It’s easier to clean glass staircases than cleaning spindles in a traditional way, as the glass isn’t a dust trap. It’s important that you learn how to properly clean and care for glass staircases.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you understand the best ways to clean and maintain a glass staircase properly. What are the best cleaning products for glass staircases? What you can do to avoid damaging your stairs?


Regularly and carefully clean glass balustrades in your Sydney home.

If you only clean your windows every few months, it’s likely that you clean your glass furniture much more frequently – like replacing glass on glass tables and chairs and other household items. While you are washing your glass furniture, make sure that you clean the glass balustrades that line your staircase at least once a week.

Cleaning glass stairs with cleaning sprays is generally the best thing to do.

It’s likely that glass cleaners leave behind a greasy residue or streaks on glass, so it’s best to avoid using them. It’s not recommended to use strong cleaning chemicals on glass. They can damage the glass just as easily, as can abrasive towels, sponges, or other rough scrubbing tools.

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If you want to get the best results and prevent damage, you should use a soft cloth that has been washed several times with warm water and a little dishwashing liquid. If you have a particularly stubborn stain or if it’s very stubborn, you could use a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar to help clean it.

Use a clean, dry cloth to scrub the glass carefully, and then make sure to move the cloth around gently. You should now be able to gently buff out any dirt, stray stains, or other imperfections and restore the glass to its original luster. Your glass balustrades should be shining clean and looking like they did when they were new.

Add a protective finish to the glass panels of your glass balustrades.

Our toughened glass stair panel is resistant to scuffs and scratches and has a water-resistant and dirt-resistant coating. It doesn’t mean that you will never have to clean the glass, but it can help you remove more difficult stains.

If you want to protect your glass stair panels from scratches and dirt, you can always apply a protective topcoat to them. You may not notice the extra layer, but you will definitely see the benefits of doing this. If you decide to do this, we recommend that you get a professional to do it as soon as possible after we have installed your glass stair panels.

If you install glass stair balustrades on wooden stairs, like oak or glass stairs, you’ll need to take care of those wooden elements as well. Every few days, you should be dusting and cleaning the steps and wiping down the posts and brackets that support your glass stairways. You could also apply a protective finish to the wooden parts of your stairways and windows that are installed at the bottom of your stairs.

Those glass balustrades look great, but are they safe to use with children and pets?

When a child or pet gets into the habit of putting his or her finger on your glass banister, the worst thing you’ll need to worry about is finding sticky fingers on the glass – and sometimes even a wet nose! Glass is very tough and you will not be able to break it with your child or your dog. So, as long as you give your glass balustrades a daily clean with soapy water, it’s fine to have glass balustrades installed in places where children or pets may go.

If you have wooden spindles that you use to spin your wheels and your pet regularly poops on the spindles, you’ll probably notice that hair and dust can collect between the spindles. With glass balustrades, this won’t be a problem. If you have glass balustrades in Sydney, your pet will not be able to get between the spindles and cause any harm.

One of the biggest benefits of having glass balustrades in your property is that they are very child and pet friendly. Kids might be very worried about things like wooden spindles or gaping metal railings on their staircases. They are at risk of being accidentally thrown down stairs by curious children. Glass balustrades allow you to let in as much light as you like on your stairs, but without the risk that your children (and fur babies!) could accidentally step on them.

Keep an eye out for glass cracks and other damage to your glass balustrades.

It’s better to prevent damage than to cure it, so it’s important that you pay attention to the maintenance and care that your glass balustrades require. While it’s very unlikely that something will cause a chip, a crack or a scratch to your glass balustrades, it can happen.

It’s important that you perform a visual check every time you climb up a stair to check that everything is good. If you see any water, smudge or other liquid that’s leaking from your glass balustrades, clean it up as soon as you notice it. Some liquids can cause joint damage if they get into the joints.

If you notice any damage or problems, from scratches to loose-fitting panels, you should contact the manufacturer to have someone come out and inspect it. Even if you only find a small chip, it’s important that you get it fixed as soon as possible. Trying to repair something yourself can cost you a lot of money, but what if something unexpected happens?

You may save money by hiring a company that repairs and replaces glass balustrades – but you could end up paying more for them in the future. If you don’t have the skills and experience that a professional has, you may not be able to save money by cutting corners.

Use the stairs safely and kindly protect the glass panels in your stairwell.

Toughened glass is very durable, but you should not be careless when using your stairs. It is inevitable that your family will need to move some things up or down the stairs – but try to avoid carrying heavy or sharp objects on the stairs that could damage or scratch the glass.

It’s important to remember that stairs are very busy areas of many homes – so it’s useful to make a rule that everyone in the house must wear shoes when entering the house. Pointy heels or stones that get stuck in the treads of stairways can cause more damage than you think – and dirty shoes can obstruct the path down the stairs.

It can take a lot of force to damage toughened glass balustrades that cause them to become unusable – but expensive replacements are also necessary. So it’s not worth taking the risk. Teach everyone in your house to be careful when they use the stairs, and to keep their hands free to swing heavy items like laundry baskets or bags when you walk down the stairs.

If you take good care of your glass balustrades, they will last a very long time.

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When it comes to new stairs or when you are having your staircase repainted, a glass staircase can last a very long time if you look after it properly. What your glass staircase will look like after years of being used can affect its performance. Regular maintenance and cleaning will keep your glass staircase looking great for many years.

Glass staircases are beautiful and can add beauty to any home – but you need to take good care of them. If you want to install elegant glass balustrades on your stairs, get in touch with the friendly team at Glass Balustrade Authority today by calling (02) 8076 7495. Alternatively, you can contact us by emailing us at [email protected].

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