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As the temperature rises and the number of daylight hours increases, the importance of the garden in the home grows.

With the ability to spend more time outdoors with friends and family, many people decide to add decking or patio areas to their gardens to make them more functional and enjoyable. Where there is an edge or a need for a handrail, glass balustrades provide the ideal safety barrier while also enhancing the sophistication and elegance of the decking area. Today on the blog, we will explain why you should consider a glass balustrade for your deck.

Wherever there is a drop-off of any kind at the deck’s edge, safety is a major consideration.
This should be your top priority if your deck will be used by young children and/or individuals with limited mobility.

Glass balustrades can provide the ideal solution without the need for an unattractive and cumbersome railing system that detracts from the overall appearance of the deck and reduces space.
Instead, they permit more light to illuminate the deck, creating a greater sense of space.

Our Glass Balustrades Allow for Spectacular Views in Sydney

Our balustrade systems have been tested to exceed the load requirements established by NSW building codes, so the risk of system failure is minimal.

In addition, they are constructed from laminated and toughened glass. Therefore, if one of the glass panels broke, it would shatter and crack inwards to prevent injury, as opposed to shattering into thousands of dangerous glass shards.

Our balustrades are marked, indicating compliance with with Australian Standard 1288 (AS1288) in order to pass the necessary checks to ensure that our products meet Australian safety, health, and environmental standards.

Clear Alternatives Balustrade of Glass

Glass balustrades allow you to create stylish and secure outdoor spaces without sacrificing safety.
They are incredibly adaptable in design, production, and installation, and they complement decking flawlessly, whether the garden is ultra-modern and minimalist or more traditional with numerous features.
We have a dedicated design team that can assist you in making purchasing decisions by creating visuals of how your balustrade will appear once installed.

frameless glass balustrade

Glass Balustrade on Decking Safely Extending Outdoor Living Spaces

Another reason to consider a glass balustrade for a deck is that it creates a sense of luxury, thereby increasing the property’s value. When glass is incorporated into a design, the way it allows light to play and reflect can inspire awe, becoming a source of admiration for family, friends, and neighbours.
It’s in our nature to want to impress others, and a glass balustrade surrounding a decking area achieves that effect.

Whenever we make a home improvement, we typically invest a substantial amount of time and money; therefore, durability assurance is of the utmost importance.

Our glass balustrades provide a sturdy solution for deck railings. They are produced in our Sydney-based workshop in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and meet all Australian Building Regulations & Standards

Our balustrades are suitable for outdoor use even in the harshest weather conditions because the posts and components are made of superior-grade 316 stainless steel, marine-grade duplex stainless steel, or heavy-duty extruded aluminium.

Glass Balustrades are Available with Base, Core, Edge, and Side-Mounted Profiles.

Lastly, glass balustrades are a cost-effective and low-maintenance option for a deck railing system.
Our glass balustrades include a cleaning kit that should be utilised following installation.
After this, periodic cleaning with warm, soapy water should suffice to maintain the balustrade’s pristine appearance.

Our glass balustrades’ high quality, durability, and dependability provide peace of mind and excellent value for money.

In conclusion, installing a glass balustrade on your patio or decking area is a cost-effective way to provide a safe, stylish, and luxurious finish that is built to last even with minimal maintenance.

Glass Balustrade Authority offers a variety of designs and profiles to create bespoke and customised solutions for a vast array of installation scenarios.

Please contact one of our friendly team members for a free estimate! (02) 8076 7495. If you would like any additional advice or information about the suitability of our composite decking and glass balustrade range for your design ideas. Alternately, you may request a callback or complete a straightforward enquiry form.

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