The glass staircase is the work of a developer with an obvious passion and respect for all sides of the horror genre. There are some graphic inconsistencies throughout, such as rampant cutting of the legs of character models through clothes, but overall, The Glass Staircase is a thought-provoked adventure full of detail. The Glass Staircase, his recently released tribute to PS2 horror games, is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Puppet Combo released their new PS2-looking survival horror homage game The Glass Staircase a few days ago.

The Glass Staircase is, as noted by the team behind Puppet Combo, “a tribute to PS2 survival horror and Italian zombie movies. Inspired by Italian zombie cinema of the 70s and 80s, The Glass Staircase also features some very obvious references to Resident Evil in its gameplay and structure, but still manages to provide an original experience. Gameplay wise, The Glass Staircase hits all the notes I expect from a classic horror survival game, including tank controls. Unfortunately this was my biggest problem with The Glass Staircase, as dying due to a tricky auto-aim and a lightning-fast enemy meant players had to start the final day, including a long exploration puzzle.

My early days on The Glass Staircase was tense and revealed a fickle game that silently waits until you finally relaxed before killing yourself. These somewhat surreal elements distinguish The Glass Staircase from simply being a tribute to Resident Evil in the sense of vaccine. It’s a bit short, but as an experience, The Glass Staircase is worth the investment. With The Glass Staircase, I feel it delivers, and I hope it’s a sign of bigger, more ambitious things to come.

The overall structure of The Glass Staircase is particularly interesting and serves as a wonderful example of how to get the most kilometers out of a small, playable space. In my first hour with The Glass Staircase, it seems that two of my playable characters have died, and I’m sure there will be more deaths to come. Glass Staircase is built around an Italian horror aesthetic of the 70s and gives the player control of one of five different girls in a house.


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