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Specially Designed and Tested to Meet Australian Standards

Our company  is well-known for fashionable and innovative balconies layouts for Sydney customers. We take great measures in designing, fabricating, and testing all our products to ensure they comply with BCA codes and Australian standards. In addition, we provide a wide selection of custom-layout alternatives meet your own unique conditions for commercial property or your private house.

No work is small or too large for our team. Whether you are planning to get balustrades for your multi storey developments, jobs that are private, or commercial refurbishments, our installers are going to be present to help complete the project.

We established a permanent Sydney location at 2/162 Hurstville Rd Oatley,NSW 2223  to service the fencing and handrail needs of Sydney and surrounding suburbs homeowners

PDF | 2.316 – Australian Building Codes Board

Published: 09 January 2013PDFPDF |
Type A
aluminium-balustrade-supplier in Australia

Basic Aluminium

Fall protection is provided by this most elementary but practical stainless steel balustrade.
Type B

Disability Handrails Systems‎

Developed to supply a remedy to the ever increasing emphasis put on ease of accessibility for individuals with handicap.
Type C

Fencing and Steel Gates‎

Alluring fencing products enclose and to improve any pool, hot tub or alternative space; Custom design privacy, security and plant ventilation screens and louvres
Type D

Residential Screens & Awnings

Ease of use and attractive design combine to give sun protection and comfort, whilst at the same time ensuring your private space remains private.
Type E


Entire measuring, templating and fitting service for glass balustrades. They are sometimes made in various depth and kinds of glass to suit the desired effect together with any NSW or QLD regulations which will apply.
Type F

Stainless Steel Wire‎

These wire balustrades are engineered and are produced from industrial-grade stainless steel in Australia.
Type G

Architectural : Custom Made

We create quality balustrades in different custom styles to empower architects to implement layouts that are unique and eye-catching
Type H
aluminium-balustrade-supplier in Australia

Pergola and Glass Railing

Concrete patio and steps with glass railings and an overhead trellis structure with glass pergola roof to provide shelter near the door. 


As a licensed and insured contractor, our Renovation Division at Pergolas Sydney Authority provides the highest standards in construction with a superior

work from Ted.  Their location is ideally situated in Sydney South.

Pergolas Sydney Authority
7/40 The Grand Parade Brighton-Le-Sands , NSW 2216
Phone:02 8080 4340

Our Specialty Using

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Choosing The Right One

Balustrade, a fence for your pool or a glass screen. If your home needs a staircase, don’t get a simple, mediocre looking one. There are home owners who are expressive and prefer to add a little flair to their staircases by adding a aluminum handrail  for a little artistic flair in their home. The right  one can emphasize the craftsmanship of your staircase and it can even make your home look more sophisticated and chic. Balustrades come in different types and forms.

the authority

Photo :

The most common type  is the lace system, where aluminium or cast iron panels are patterned to form an artistic lace like design. Other crowd favorites include the glass type and the wood . Each type is different and before you look for one, you should have a set of criteria to help guide you in choosing the perfect one for your home. If you’re not very familiar with handrails and can’t choose the right one, don’t worry because here you’ll find the basic info that you should know about and how you can start looking for the perfect one.

What Exactly Is It?

Though it may sound complicated, chances are you’ve already seen hundreds of stair railings already. Basically a railing system placed just below the handrail on a staircase. It has several functions. It can be used to provide overall support to the staircase by making it sturdier, while some people prefer to add creativity to their staircase by going for a design that is more aesthetically pleasing. There are many types and they can be made from different kinds of materials such as aluminium, timber, wrought iron, glass, and even stainless steel cables.

In most cases, installing a one  is easy as there are some companies that include it in their service. However, there are also independent specialists that are more skilled with designing and installing. Usually these specialists also accept orders for customized systems. If you’re looking for a more modern or sophisticated looking design, you might want to start looking for a specialist somewhere near your area of Sydney.

Pros and Cons

Like we mentioned earlier, generally speaking, it can be very advantageous since it adds support to your staircase. They can make your staircase sturdier and will prevent it from wobbling or loosening while gripping the handrails. On the other hand, when it comes to the pros and cons, these depend more on the type that you’re going to install.

There are many types and support rails, each one has different advantages and disadvantages from the other. To be thorough, we’ll provide you with the pros and cons for the most popular systems.

Custom Metal Pros

More Designs to Choose From


Photo :

One of the biggest advantages of choosing an iron lace is that you’ll have several options to choose from when it comes to the design. If you opt for custom metal, you can be sure that whatever the design scheme of your staircase, the metal or iron won’t appear wrong or out of place when it comes to the overall design.

You don’t even have to settle for the most satisfying one in the market, since you can always go for something that truly fits with your taste and original design.

Excellent Quality

Most custom metal don’t focus on the aesthetic side of the product. Customized metal are made from the highest quality materials, leaving you confident that the custom railings will provide the staircase with the necessary support.

The Fit

Oftentimes those who prefer pre-packaged metal barriers end up having problems regarding the fit with the rest of the staircase. These people will have to go through the effort of cutting off the extra and unnecessary parts, while some people even have to purchase an extra package if their metal design end up lacking a few inches or feet. On the other hand, custom metal were made to perfectly fit your staircase so you won’t have to worry about any excess or lack in the fit.

Glass Balustrade Pros

Very Decorative

Many individuals who prefer a more artistic approach to their staircases prefer adding glass to the design. Glass  can give your home that sophisticated and elegant feel. Also can cover up some of the interior designing in your home, but with a glass, you don’t have to worry about the it blocking the view or the design.



Australian Standards

Photo :

Yes, glass may look luxurious, but it also comes with a hefty price. Before choosing, you have to consider if this type is perfect for your type of lifestyle or for the overall design of your home. You should also consider the area that the glass may cover because if you’re planning to add the transparent  design several wide areas in your home, you may end up wasting a lot of money.

Difficult To Clean

Another disadvantage to the glazed look is its maintenance. Because of its material tend to get dirty easier than other ones, and cleaning it can also be difficult. Also, if the glass aren’t properly cared for, the material can easily chip or even break.

Timber Pros

Elegant Design

Bunnings Wooden Blustrade

Photo :

If you want to add a touch of that “homey” feel to your house, you cannot go wrong with a wood balusters. They are not only elegant to look at they can also be easily designed or customized to fit your taste.


If you want your Oak Balconie to last, you will have to do a lot of maintenance work on them . Termites are your obvious enemies when it comes to getting wood . Compared to wood, steel are sturdier and will last longer.

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